Tyler Blevins

Tyler Blevins was born under the name of Richard Tyler Blevins in the year 1991. He is an American by nationality and he works like a Twitch Streamer, philanthropist and internet personality. By 2019, he was rated like most followed streamer at Twitch and has 13 million followers with the average of over 30,000 views each week.


From his biography, Tyler Blevins was born in the city of Detroit area. He moved with the family to live in Chicago suburbs at the age of one year. While growing up, he was playing sports and video games. He went to Grayslake Central High School, he was playing soccer and he became an avid video game player. After graduation, he continued to play video games on a professional level. He decided to enter the tournament, he joined professional organization and he live streams all his games.


Tyler Blevins started to play with Halo 3 in the year 2009. He was playing different teams and they include Team Liquid, Renegades and Cloud9. He is now playing the Luminosity Gaming. He started the streamer career in the year 2011. He was playing in H1Z1 and then decided to move to the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. He joined the Luminosity Gaming in the year 2017 and he started like Halo Player, a H1Z1 and moved to play in PUBG. He was the winner of Gamescom Invitational Squad classification. He started to stream the Fornite on regular basis and the viewership continued to grow. This coincides with the growth of the game in general.

In the year 2017, he had only 500,000 followers and in just six month, the number had grown up to 250 percent. In the year 2018, he set Twitch record for a single individual stream while playing the Fortnite. He was the host of the game together with Juju Smith-Schuster, Travis Scott and Drake. He was able to break his record with Ninja Vegas 2018. He accumulated the audience of over 667,000 live viewers.

In the year 2019, he had over 21 million subscribers on his YouTube and he was getting 500,000 dollars each month while streaming the Fortnite. He says that the game free to play business model is a growth factor. In the year 2018, he started the partnership with the Red Bull Esports. He called upon the fans to challenge him in the event called Red Bull Rise Till Dawn that took place in Chicago.

Married, wife, children

Tyler Blevins suffered eye problems and he almost lost his vision but a surgery helped him to correct the retinal defects. It was a tough time but he was able to pass through it. Tyler Blevins got married to another gamer called Jessica Goch. The two were in relationship for some years before the marriage. They are yet to get children and there are no rumors that they may be divorced soon.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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