Matthew Haag

Matthew Haag is called Nadeshot according to his handle and it was styled as NaDeShot before. He played before for Call of Duty. He is of American nationality. He owns the eSports team called 100 Thieves and he was the former captain of the OpTic Gaming of the year 2014 Call of Duty: Ghosts season and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare season. He was playing in objective support role.


Matthew Haag became the gold medalist of the Major League Gaming or MLG in the year 2011. He became the Call of Duty XP World Champion when he won the best e-sports player for The Game Awards of 2014. He was the former eSports athlete of Red Bull and he did participate in Twitch Streaming program. He got sponsored by different gaming hardware companies and they include the Scuff Gaming and Astro Gaming. He is active on YouTube channel and has over 2.9 million subscribers with 270 hours of his content.

In the year 2015, after the championship of Call of Duty, Nadeshot said that he would leave the OpTic and would take the leave of absence away of the competitive gaming. He created his competitive gaming team and named it 100 Thieves. He started to play the call of Duty World League with the Black Ops 3 Season. His team expanded and started to play The Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. The players continued to play up to Ex-Immortals, Aphromoo and Meteos.


From his biography, Matthew Haag was born to Jeff and Christina Haag. His father works like a carpenter and he was born with two siblings. Matthew Haag

Married, wife, divorce

Matthew Haag was dating Jeena Ezarik since 2014. However, he did not confirm the affair. It is expected that they may get married soon. He had no record of having any divorce before.

Salary, net worth

As a gamer, Matthew Haag gets enough salary, from the gaming companies. He lives a lavish lifestyle. He had been able to make a net worth of 2 million dollars.

Matthew Haag became a competitive gamer when he was only 13 years old. He was given the game called Gears of War and qualified for the MLG Chicago Gears of War at once. After competing in the gaming, he was able to reach to the Op Tic Gaming for 2010. He was the winner of 100K Dollars on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Nadeshot became the MLG Champion and it was in Texas and he was named the esports Player of the Year in 2014. He got the same title for the following year and it was against the Denial eSports.

Matthew Haag became interested in gaming when he was playing games with his brother. He is known as a philanthropist and he did help the Optic Flameword to donate the money to the children’s cancer hospital.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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