Amy Hoover Sanders

Amy Hoover Sanders is the wife of a popular congressman. Besides being a part of the influential Texas family, she is also a career woman.


From her biography, Amy Hoover Sanders was born in the city of Texas to William and Louann Sanders. She is of American nationality. She grew up in Texas. She attended Williams College found in Massachusetts and has a psychology degree.


Amy Hoover Sanders liked to teach and this is why she did teaching while in college. She started her career while teaching the kindergarten pupils for over a year in Guatemala. She returned to the El Paso in 2004. This is where she started to teach the first and second-grade pupils.

Continuing with the bid of living to the fullest of her teaching passion, Amy Hoover Sanders became the co-founder of the charter school in her own town and it is called La Fe Preparatory School. She was its superintendent up to 2013. Amy Hoover Sanders founded the software development with a website building company named Stanton Street Technology together with her husband in the year 1999. She was the president of this company since 2013 up to 2017. She also worked for a nonprofit organization named Centro de Salu Familiar La Fe in 7 years and it was a method to give back to the community. Amy Hoover Sanders stopped to be the president of Stanton Street Technology in the year 2017 and she wanted to support the senate race of her husband. Her husband ran as a democratic and he was against Ted Cruz, a republican.

Married, husband, children

Amy Hoover Sanders met with Beto O’Rourke in the year 2004 and it was a blind date. They got married in 2005 at the family ranch of Sanders’s family found in New Mexico. The family has 3 children. They are Henry, Molly and Ulysses. She does not have any divorce record. Amy Hoover Sanders is a daughter of Louann H Feuille and of William Sanders. The two were influential people for El Paso, in Texas. The greatness of the family did not start only with the parents but also with the grandparents, both maternal and paternal family. The paternal grandfather was the owner of the advertising agency and the maternal grandfather called Richard Harlan Feuille was known as the Veteran of WWII and got a Bronze Star with the Purple Heart.

William Sanders, her father was born in the year 1941, in the city of Ramsey in Minnesota but grew up in El Paso of Texas. He did graduate at Cornell University College for Agriculture and of Life Science. He was able to make billions in the real estate business. He did found a real estate firm called LaSalle Partners.

Net worth

She appeared on tv shows when her husband was campaigning. Amy Hoover Sanders is expected to inherit billions, taking into account that her father has 20 billion as a net worth. Her salary is not recorded.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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