Sheherazade Goldsmith

Sheherazade Goldsmith was born in the year 1974 and she is a columnist, jeweler and environmentalist of British nationality. In the 1990s, Sheherazade was working in fashion industry. By 2000, she got engaged as an environmental activist and was undertaking different green initiatives and started with the organic food business which she had in London up to 2002. In the year 2007, she edited the guide for the eco-friendly living. The book was called a Slice of Organic Life: Get Closer to the Soil without Going the Whole Hog. The following year, she published a guide about how to celebrate the Christmas in the environmental friendly way known as A Greener Christmas. She started the company of concept jewellery and it is under the label of Loquet London. It is co-founded with a friend and a model called Laura Bailey.

Sheherazade Goldsmith had been contributing on regular basis to different national newspaper with other UK publication.


From her biography, Sheherazade Goldsmith was born in the city of London. Her father is John Bentley and he is an entrepreneur and financier and her mother is Viviane Ventura who was a Colombian actress. She attended French Lycee of London. Before the marriage, she was called Sheherazade Bentley but turned to Goldsmith after her marriage. When she was pregnant with the first child, together with a friend called Serena Cook, they opened the Deli’ Organic which used organic products. The café also became the first type of its own kind since they delivered the organic and fresh baby food to the mothers who may be interested. She was cooking the food for the children from the kitchen of the shop for over 2 years. However, because they were using only organic ingredients, the business did not survive for too long since there was only a small profit margin. They closed the shop when she gave birth to her second baby in the year 2002.


Sheherazade Goldsmith contributes some articles to the environmental concerns, the organic foods with the beauty and style. She was a regular writer in The Sunday Times about the organic food. For the TV shows, she appeared on UKTV food channel and the FairTrade Everyday Cookbook. She became interested into the environmental issues after motherhood. She is a philanthropist and she has interest into the London Based charities. She is the committee member of the HOPING Foundation and she supports the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Married, divorce, children

Sheherazade, Goldsmith got married in the year 1999 and her husband was conservative MP Zac Goldsmith. They got three children together, Uma, Thyra and James. They got a divorce in 2009. His husband had to sell his estate at Devon of 7 million pounds so that he can pay the divorce settlement. She got married again to Alfonso Cuaron, a Hollywood director but she also divorced him, even if there is no confirmation from them yet.

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