Laura Coates

Laura Coates is a legal analyst and she offers the help to the legal teams at CNN. She has influential voice which helped her to get recognition when she works as a host of Insight at SiriusXMs and of Urbanview channel. Before, she was working like a prosecutor and worked for different criminal offenses like domestic violence, sexual assault and drug trafficking.


From her bio, Laura Coates was born in the city of St Paul in Minnesota. Even if she spent most of the time in Minnesota while growing, there is no information about what her childhood was like and other members of her family. She got the first degree from a public policy school called Woodrow Wilson and it is found in Ivy League College. She did public and International affairs. She continued and did the Juris Doctor Degree at University of Minnesota.


When you get the broadcasting job, it means that you have a chance of airing your thoughts to a large audience. This is especially while working on a large corporation such as CNN which is a popular station in the entire world. She talks about her views on the activities of the government and of legalization.

After finishing her studies, she started to work as a lawyer in the prosecutor capacity. The time she spent doing this job, was working like a trial attorney for the Department of Justice within the civil Right division. She worked for this job, when Barack Obama and George Bush were the presidents of United States.

She worked as the assistant of Washington U.S Attorney. While working in this position, she worked for different cases that became popular because of how notorious they were. Laura Coates became experienced at her job and she started to write the papers and was conducting the research which had been published at prominent newspapers such as the Boston Herald and The Washington Post. Her first book was called You Have The Right: A constitutional Guide to Policing the Police.

The book became the best seller because of the atmosphere that existed in the country. She stopped to work as a prosecutor and turned to work as intellectual property lawyer. She still works in this job up to now. After writing the book, he got hired by CNN so that she can work as one of its legal analysts. From the time she joined the broadcasting; she became popular and got her own talk show on the radio.

Married, husband, kids

Even if Laura Coates is successful, she had been able to keep most information about her away of the public such as the name of her husband, her age and the name of her kids. She had two kids and they appeared with her on The Laura Coates show.

Salary, net worth

Even if her net worth is not yet recorded, her salary is believed to be around 55,000 dollars per year.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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