Nick Cave was born under the name of Nicholas Edward Cave. He is an Australian by nationality. He is an actor, a composer, a screenwriter, an author, singer –songwriter and a musician. He is known to be at the front of a Rock band named Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The music of Cave had been characterized by the emotional intensity, lyrical obsessions caused by violence, love, religion and death.


According to his biography, Nick Cave was born and raised in the rural city of Victoria. He did his studies in art and it was before working on the Birthday Party which was the post-punk band of Melbourne. The band moved to live in London but they got disillusioned because of the life in the city and they went to a darker and also a challenging sound and they also got the reputation of being most violent live band in the entire world. The Birthday Party had been considered to be the major influence in the Gothic rock while Cave with the pale look and black hair; he became the unwilling poster boy of this genre. After the breakup of the band, Nick decided to start the Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. When they started singing, they were drawn into the mythic American Deep South while drawing on the Delta Blues and spirituals.


Nick Cave was born in the city of Warracknabeal, a country town of Victoria state in Australian. His father was called Frank Cave while his mother was Dawn Cave. His father was a mathematics and English teacher while the mother was a librarian for a high school where Nick went for studies. He was expelled from high school and his father died when he was 19 years old after a car collision. He was doing a time in prison for burglary. From that time, he wanted to have a purpose in his life.

After attending secondary school, he did painting at Caulfield Institute of Technology but stopped to attend classed to pursue a musical career. This is the same time he started to use heroin.

Married, wife, divorce, children

Cave had a girlfriend named Anita and they dated for some time and they recorded songs together at some occasions. When Cave moved to Brazil in Sao Paulo, he met a Brazilian Journalist named Viviane Carneiro who became his first wife. They stayed married for 6 years only and they asked for a divorce. His wife got their son in 1991 named Luke. He had also another son named Jethro in the same year and his mother is Beau Lazenby based in Melbourne. He did not meet his son up to the time he was seven or eight years. She met a British model called Susie Bick and they got married. They gave birth to twin children, Earl and Arthur. Arthur died at the age of 15

Salary, net worth

Even if Nick Cave‘s salary is not known, his net worth is 8 million.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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