Sandra Lee is found on Youtube under the name of Dr Pimple Popper. She became popular by talking to people about cyst removals, blackhead exposures and pimple popping. She is a dermatologist of American nationality. Sandra works as a board certified dermatologist and she is cosmetic surgeon working at the Skin Physicians and Surgeons. She is practicing at the Upland in California. She is known under the name of Dr Pimple Popper and she is a regular guest at The Doctors Talk show.


From his biography, Sandra Lee was born in the city of Upland in California in the year 1970. She opened her Youtube channel at the age of 39. She grew up in Upland also. Her mother was born in Malaysia and her father was born in Singapore. She got the dermatology business from her father who is a Chinese Singaporean and who has retired as a dermatologist. Her family came to live in America in 1969. When she was only 4 years, the family had to move to live in the city of Oakland and it is at 40 miles at the east of the Los Angeles.


Sandra Lee has also an Instagram account where she posts pictures and videos. She had opened the skin care products called SLMD skincare product. The product found in her line does include the clarifying treatment that contains retinol, the daily moisturizer, the lotion and the acne cleanser.

In the year 2018, she signed the contract with the TLC so that she can open her TV series called Dr Pimple Popper TV series. It aired for the first time in January 2019. On her account, she has more than 4 million followers and the total viewing reaches to 1 billion.

As an undergraduate Sandra Lee went to UCLA and she was working as a part time medical assistant and allergist at the Downtown in Los Angeles. After the graduation, she went to Drexel University College of Medicine and finished her studies in 1998. She completed the dermatology residency in Southern Illinois University and when she finished the residency, she went to live in San Diego. It was to further the experience with cosmetic surgery and dermatology.

Married, husband, children

Dr Sandra got married to another dermatologist called Dr Jeffrey Rebish. He is affiliated to the San Antonia Regional Hospital. His husband is among the 15 doctors bound in San Antonio and who specialized into the dermatology. He works as a board certified dermatologist and he graduated with the medical degree at Drexel University College of Medicine. Jeffrey and Sandra studied together in the Hahnemann University. The two have two children; both sons but they keep them from the limelight. There are no rumors about having any divorce that surrounds their life.

Net worth

Sandra Lee has been able to make up to 8 million dollars as a net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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