Nathan Darrow was born on 21 June 1976 in Kansa, USA. He got into acting at a very young age as he used to perform at different venues in schools as well as at other functions. His father and mother are of the white ethnicity that makes him white as well. He went to a nearby school named Shawnee Mission North High School for his primary education. He was a shy guy in school and so didn't mingle with many of his schoolmates. He was good at sports all throughout his schooling days. After completing his high school he went to the University of Evansville to get a bachelor's degree. Later he completed his graduation from New York University.

He started doing small roles in advertisements and small feature film. In 2003 he performed at theaters doing shows and gaining experience. He started his career by doing modeling which fetched him small roles in feature films and advertisements however he alway wanted to do movies and that when his aim was which he eventually reach. He did Shakespeare play in 2003. In 2006 he was cast as the Ben Farrel for a short movie. Viewers were really impressed by his portrayal of the character. This led to many directors contacting him for their shows and movies. He acted wisely and chose to play Edward Meechum in the famous TV series House of Cards. In that show, he plays the personal bodyguard o the president of USA. His character is among the most trusted few people in the show. He is very loyal to the president saving him on quite a few occasions. In the last season, he dies while saving the president.

His acting in this show has caught the attention o many directors that now want to cast him in their movies and shows. It is rumored that he will be portraying the main villain of next season's Gotham which is due next year. Gotham is a story based on Batman's childhood and shows the whole timeline from detective Gordon's perspective. This show is in its second season and is doing very well. The addition of Nathan in that cast is going to make it even better.

In a recent interview, he told that he would like to work in a movie but he's not getting the role that he's looking for. For the time being, he is content with TV roles which he is doing quite good in. He is currently not married and there is no news of him dating anyone. He has kept his life away from the media speculation. He has good following on social media platforms as well although he is not that active there. He sometimes posts on twitter and very rarely on Instagram. He currently lives in New York with his pets as he is more focussed on his work rather than anything else. His biography can be read on Wikipedia as well as IMDB. It is also available on some of the other websites on the internet. His net worth is not known as of now.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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