Meri Brown (January 16, 1971), is best known for her TV show “Sister Wives” where she starred along with her ex-husband, Kody Brown and his three other wives, Robyn, Janelle and Christine. The show revolves around the controversial concept of polygamy. She and Kody ended their marriage in the year 2014. Kody Brown has a total of eighteen children from his 4 wives.

Early Life

Meri Brown was born as Meri Barber on January 16, 1971, in California, USA to American parents, Bill Barber and Bonnie Ahlstrom. She comes from a large family given that his father was involved in polygamy and has five wives. She grew up with her two brothers, Marc Willam Barber & Adam Barber, and four sisters, Deborah Barber, Teresa Barber, Elaine Barber and Rebekah Barber.

Personal Life

Meri was 19 and Kody was 22 when they were first introduced to each other by her sister in the year 1989. Shortly after, the much in love couple tied knot on April 21, 1990. There were difficulties in her pregnancy, however, after much hassle, the couple was blessed with a pretty daughter on July 29, 1995. The couple named her Mariah Brown. Mariah apparently turned out to be a gay and the family had a hard time accepting it. Initially, the family lived in Utah but in the year 2011, they moved to Las Vegas.

Kody Brown is a polygamist and spiritually married Janelle Shcriever, Christine Allred and Robyn Sullivan on January 20, 1993, March 25, 1994, and May 22, 2010, respectively. According to Kody, Meri is his only legal wife whereas the other three wives are just married to him on spiritual terms.

Meri and Kody got divorced in 2014 after a marriage of 25 long years and Kody made Robyn Sullivan his legal wife while adopting her three children from previous marriage.


Meri was studying psychology and worked in the same field before getting fired due to her polygamist family. Meri appeared on the controversial show “Sister Wives” in 2010 along with her husband and his 3 other wives. The show was about a polygamist family and hence it attracted a lot of controversies. She along with the other wives runs a jwelery line, named Sisterwife’s closet. She became a co-author with the book “Becoming Sister Wives: The story of an unconventional marriage”. Meri enjoys a huge following on social media platforms


According to sources, Meri was involved in a Catfish scandal. This scandal was exposed in 2016 when a book named Almost Meri’d was published by Jackie Overton and explained how Meri pretended to be a man during an online affair. Her show “Sister Wives” also made a lot of controversies as polygamy is still something that is not widely accepted and appreciated.

There were rumors that Meri divorced Kody Brown as she was having an affair. After divorce, Meri is not seen with his ex-husband and his other wives in any event or award functions, hence giving rise to another rumor that she might be living with her new partner for who, she left Kody Brown.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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