Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho was born in the year 1968 and she is American actress, fashion designer, standup comedian, singer and author. She is known because of her stand up routine and this is where she critiques political and social problems and talks about sexuality and race. She became well known after creating the sitcom called All American Girl at ABC. She then established the standup comics in the years that followed.

She also works in music and fashion and she has clothing line under her name. She is in support of the LGBT rights and she had won awards for standing up for the LGBT community and Asians women.

In her acting roles in movies & tv shows, she was in It’s My Party where she was Charlene Lee. She was an FBI Colleague in action movie called Face/Off. She was the cast for the Drop Dead Diva that aired at Lifetime Television and this is where she was appearing in the role of Teri Lee, who was a paralegal assistant.

Cho is a descent to Korean family who were residing in San Francisco of California. They were living in a neighborhood with different races. She describes it as the community that had burnouts, old hippies, Koreans, Chinese people and drag queens. Her parents are Seung Hoon Cho and Young Hie who had a bookstore at Polk Street of California Street. It was called Paperback Traffic. Her father is a writer and writes joke books in a column of the Seoul, South Korea.

While growing up, she says that she was being bullied and it was hurting because she was different. As she was growing up, she was being molested and then raped. She decided to perform and then she auditioned and then was accepted to enter into San Francisco School of the Arts. When she was at the school, she got involved in improvisational comedy group at school. She was with Aisha Tyler and Sam Rockwell. When she was 15, she was a phone sex operator and then she started to work as dominatrix.

In her biography, Margaret Cho got married in the year 2003 and her husband was Al Ridenour. She said that her marriage was conservative and conventional even if it is hard for the people to believe that it was. They separated in 2014 and then she divorced him in the year 2015. She describes her as a bisexual and she says that she was involved into alternative sexuality and polyamory in different times of her time.

Margaret Cho had drinking problems and she said that she had to spent some time being treated in a rehab and this was when her friends intervened. Her arms are full of tattoos and one of them at her left arm is a full color phoenix bird. Her Instagram is @margaret_cho and her net worth is 3 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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