Joe Dinicol

Joe Dinicol is known as a famous actor in Canada. He is very popular among the people for his notable character play in many films.

Joe Dinicol was born in the year 1983 on December 22nd. He was born in Canada. He has an American family background because his parents belonged from America. He had one elder brother and he was the youngest one. His father was into the acting industry and his mother was a hospital nurse. As he was born in an upper middle class family, he was provided with luxurious lifestyle and as well as good educational opportunities. From childhood, he was the most good-looking among his friends.

He attended the drama club during his school days as his parents always wanted him establish himself as an actor. He has also appeared on the television as a child actor. He made an appearance at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Apart from this, he has also appeared on the popular television series Rideau Hall and Train 48. He also took part in many cultural events during his school’s annual function. 

When he achieved his graduation, he joined the University to pursue his further studies with theatre arts. He also joined a famous theatre group during his University days. He started his career in the Hollywood industry in the year 1997. There is still no information about his personal life and he is probably still single. Though there were rumours that he is not straight and that, he is a gay but none of the news is true as we have still not got any proof. He is now absolutely concentrating in his career.

During year 1997, he made his first film debut in the industry. His first film was Canadian and was directed by one of the most popular Canadian director. Antony and Cleopatra was the film where he was casted against many of the versatile actors of the industry. He also took part in a kids drama and fantasy when he starred with the television series. He has made appearances on the various television shows which have played a vital role in increasing his fame. He has also appeared on several movies.

He has also won many awards and recognitions within a very short period of time. There were various popular magazines of Canada which has awarded him a place among the most popular actors of Canada. Besides this, he was also nominated in the list of the other popular actors and actresses in many of the popular film festivals. He was also awarded several times for his skilful presentations of the supporting roles in many of the television shows. He has also been casted in several talk shows.

He has made several guest appearances in the life time of his career. This particular television show has played an important role in his career graph. His success has also increased a number of followers on his social networking accounts such as Twitter and Instagram accounts. Due to his huge success, he is also counted in the list of the most successful and popular young actors in the industry.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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