The name ‘John Tesh’ is a popular one in pop culture. Apart from composing his own music, John receives much appraisal for his prowess in playing piano. In addition to that, John has established himself as a confident television presenter. Some of his TV-related works includes hosting a show named Intelligence for Your Life TV alongside Connie Sellecca, his wife. This program is massively viewed in American households due to the numerous radio stations which air it. Aside from TV, John has as well hosted a radio show named Intelligence for Your Life that has been running for a decade.

From John’s biography, Long Island is his birth place with his birth date being July 9th, 1952. In his teenage years, John had already started entertaining people with his skills in playing trumpet and piano. Apart from these musical instruments, John also amazed the crowds with his skillful play of harmonica and trombone. He, later on, pursued a Degree in Communications and Music at the North Carolina University. 

Personal Life

As aforementioned above, John is married to the talented Connie Sellecca. John and Connie, who’s an actress and they have one child. However, Connie has another child from her previous affair with Gil Gerard, an actor. Tesh’s and Connie’s son is named Prima while Connie’s other child is called Gib, a girl. The family has happily settled in Los Angeles. Amazingly, Gerard is common face to John as he frequently appears on the TV programs and radio shows that Tesh hosts.

In his youth, John was zealous in his religious life, as a Baptist. In most cases, he was the first among his peers to get involved in church business as he only participated in the church choir but also played an instrument. However, his adult life seemed to have taken a turn before being brought back on track by Selleca who was his wife-to-be at this time. But since that time, John has never ‘lost his way’ again but rather composes Christian music.

John Tesh is praised for his mastery in creating a balance between music and television and ensuring he delivers the best in both areas. However, in his initial stages as an artist, John suffered at the hands of harsh critics before he could develop to become the artist that most Americans adore. Being the ‘jack of many trades’ he is, John has made contributions in music and on television that are unmatched by a majority of his colleagues. 


At the start of John Tesh’s career, he landed on Entertainment Tonight, a famous TV show in the 80s. However, John focuses more on a band he had joined as a keyboardist. As a result, John’s first album named Tour de France was released. Today, however, John has six Emmys to his name including two Grammy nominations. Moreover, as a radio personality, John has received the Associated Press Award. Twitter and Instagram fans can stay updated with his latest postings on his handles. John has a $30 million net worth.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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