Joey Badass is a stage name for Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott and his name sometime is stylized as Joey Bada$$. He is an actor and a hip hop recording artist of American citizenship. He was raised in the city of Bed-Stuy and it is the neighborhood of Brooklyn in the New York City. He is the founding member for a hip-hip collective called Pro Era and it has released three mixtapes. He released the first debut mixtape in the year 1999 and it reached to acclaim and to recognition in the year 2012. It was followed by the Rejex in September and then it was Summer Knights in 2013. The debut studio album B5.Da.$$ had been released in the year 2015. He made the television debut in USA network series called Mr Robot.

From his biography, Joey Badass was born in the year 1995 and his family was from Caribbean and he was the first family member who was born in United States. For his parents, his mother is from St Lucia of Caribbean while the father is a Jamaican. He was born in the city of East Flatbush section in Brooklyn, in the new York city, while he was raised in the city of Bed-Stuy and attended the Edward R Murrow High school. At the beginning, he got enrolled to Edward R Murrow where he was studying acting but then changed to music while on 9th grade and focused more at rapping.

At the beginning, he was rapping with the name JayOhVee but after sometime, he changed and went to Joey Badass. He said that he changed the name because of how the media focuses more on the rappers who have more cynical names. He started to write songs and poetry at the age of 11. Together with CJ Fly, he is among the founding member of Pro Era or Progressive Era and it was formed together with his friends in high school, Powers Pleasant and Capital Steez.

In the year 2010, Joey Badass uploaded the video on YouTube while freestyling. This video got re-posted by the site of American hip hop called World Star Hip Hop and it got Jonny Shipes’s attention. Shipes is a Cinematic Music Group president and afterwards, he became Joey Badass’ manager. In the year 2012, Joey Badass was able to release a Survival Tactics video and it got released on their channel on YouTube, PROfckingERA and it was a sample of the song of 2000 Fold that used this same name and it was sung By Styles of Beyond.

During the year 2012, He released their debut mixtape called The Secc$ Tap.e. He said that his music has been influenced by Jay Z, MF DOOM, Black Thought, Tupac Shakur and Nas. He was arrested in 2015 and then got charged because of an assault when he broke a nose of a security guard before performing in Australia. His net worth is around 3 million dollars.

Last Modified: May 14, 2020

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