Jere Fields

Jerelyn Fields was born on July 2, 1959 in Onslow County, North Carolina. She is a talented American actress who is most known for her appearance in the horror film, Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning.


Jere attended Saddleback High School in California. Her parents were also actors. It seems that she got the acting talent from them. Her mother was Chip Fields, a talented director, actress and singer she worked for the famous television program, “Good times”.

She was also known in school because of her dramatic talents. She was always wanting to participate in the different theatre productions of her school’s drama department. She performed on stage as many characters. She loved acting so much that she said she would do that all her life even if she could not get paid for it.

Acting Career

Fields was always passionate about acting on stage and on screen. As a little girl she guest-starred in big rating television programs like “The Brady Bunch”, “Gunsmoke” and “Curiosity Shop”. She did not limit herself to live action, she also was the voice behind many animated cartoon series like “Scooby and Scrappy-Doo” and “Kid Superpower Hour with Shazam!”

Jere loved doing television work but she also liked to test her abilities on the big screen. She worked on some films like “Body Slam” and “Friday the 13th: A New Beginning”. She had the opportunity of working with popular singer, Rick James and she appeared in some of his music videos. People loved her aura and that increase the view count of Rick James’ music videos.

Jere Fields is a strong woman full of talent, love, kindness and patience. She has been always the kind of woman that will work for her dreams until the end; she said that one of the secrets behind her successful career is that she dreamed big always, even when her circumstances told her another thing, she always believed she could be great.

People used to tell her she dreamed too much and that she would never be what she wanted to be because she was black and she did not have enough money to do it. However she never gave up on her dreams, she never put her attention on the negative comments. She always said that when people could not accomplish their own dreams they will try to kill yours, so you have to give up on them.

The truth is that she always believed in who she was, she believed in her potential, she believed that even when people could not see her worth, she would always fight for what she wanted to reach and she did. Her bravery has inspired a lot of fans, people who have dreams but do not have enough money. She always said “Nothing is impossible for those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”


Television Role Model

One role that Jere was most proud of was her work on the show, Curiosity Shop. Much like Sesame Street, Curiosity Shop was an American children's educational television program produced by AB. The show was launched in 1971 in an attempt to capitalize on the success of Sesame Street. The show received a lot of funding from many sources but its main sponsor was the Kellogg cereal company. The cereal company was attempting to make a smart business movie by having its name attached to a children’s show. They felt that they could earn the dollars of the parents watching the show along with their kids. When the parents would take the kids to the grocery store, they would remember Kellogg’s brand name as they browsed for cereal to buy. If they didn’t remember the name, their kids would surely remind them after recalling their joy from watching Curiosity Shop.

Curiosity Shop was lasted two years from September 11, 1971 to January 6, 1973. It aired on Saturday mornings. The morning timeslot on the weekends was the prime time to capture the attention of their target demographic. The kids were home on Saturday mornings because they didn’t have to attend school. The show featured three curious children, usually two boys and a girl. The group of kids were featured on every episode and represented the kids watching at home. It was a simple formula that they copied from Sesame Street. They didn’t want to be seen as too different from Sesame Street because they wanted to attract the same type of audience.

Each week, the children visited a shop that was full of various puppets and gadgets. Throughout the episodes, the puppets would help the kids discover interesting things about science, nature, history, and other educational subjects. Each show covered a specific them such as music, clothing, dance, weather, the five senses, and space. The hour long program gave Jere a chance to connect with her young fans.

Personal Life

It is unknown if Jere was ever married, however many gossip sites in the internet speculated about her being married to Jimmie Walker, a famous actor since 1980. The rumor came about because they appeared together in “Tattletales” in 1974. But the truth is that they were never a couple. Walker and Fields were only good friends and co workers. They had good chemistry on screen but they never brought that chemistry to their real lives.

Vegas Seven reported on Walker’s alleged relationship with Jere when he released his book “Walker, who has never been married, does tell in the book why numerous websites list actress Jere Fields as his wife of more than 30 years (hint: Tattletales), but he doesn’t address his personal relationship with conservative pundit Ann Coulter. “She’s one of the best women I’ve ever met,” he says. “I’ll let it ride at that.”

She doesn’t have any children but she has always stated that her desire was to have children someday. She is not closed to the possibility of getting married with the man of her dreams.

She is the sister of Kim and Alexis, they are also talented actors.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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