Jamie Wollam is involved with Teri Polo and it is not clear the status of their relationship with her. Some websites record that they have a daughter together but there is no information if he is her boyfriend or if they are married. When it comes to his biography, some important parts were left out but that of her partner can be easily available. Teri Polo’s full name is Theresa Elizabeth Polo and he is a beautiful model and actress of American nationality. She is a popular figure according to her followers and fans found in famous social sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. When it comes to her life, she got involved with Anthony Moore and he is a photographer and they had a son together, however, they asked for a divorce and it was finalized in the year 2005. Many people can get the pictures of her in different websites and in celebrity sites where she is in different outfits and on different occasions. When it comes to the pictures that are taken on or off set, there are many pictures where she is in sexy bikini where her slim and smooth legs are exposed or her hot body is expressed within the dress.

Some short biography about her can be found online in the websites like IMDb or Wikipedia. There is news on her being bankrupt but other sources say that she has a net worth of over 800 thousands, however there is nothing to confirm it.

At her age of 45, she has two children and she is tall of 5 feet with 7 inches. She is an impressive and beautiful woman and she looks young compared to her age. She has been able to maintain the best body measurements to the optimum level. She had acted in many movies and she had reached the best state of fame using her acts in the famous shows.

Her acting debut started with TV 101 and she was a star in the miniseries called The Phantom of the Opera where she played like Christine Daae. She played as detective Ash in the TV series called Brimstone and she became the regular cast member of Northern Exposure. She was in the recurring guest role in Sixth and seventh season of the West Wing and she played as Helen Santos, a wife to a democratic presidential candidate who was Matt Santos played by Jimmy Smits. In the year 2005, she was on a cover of playboy and she posed nude for them. The appearance had been linked to a release of Meet Fockers and the cover has the caption that she is a hot Focker. She was ranked to be at 42 number of the Maxim Hot 100 women in the year 2002. She featured in InStyle. She was killed by the celebrity death hoax, and she was making the salary of 97/hr in Meet the Parents.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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