Jameson Ivor is a son to Jonathan Scott Frakes and he was born on his birthday when he turned 42 years old on August 20. His name is a combination of two of his grandfathers and they are James Frakes and Ivor Francis who is the father to Genie, the mother of Jameson Ivor. After his birth, his father refused to work and wanted to stay at home to raise his son with his wife. In these two years, he appeared on only few television shows for some time.

Jameson Ivor’s father is Jonathan Scott Frakes and he was born in Central Pennsylvania. His mother is Doris J and his father is James R Frakes who was a professor. His parents took him with his younger brother called Daniel to live in Bethlehem in the Eastern Pennsylvania. His father was teaching English at the University and this is the place where he held a fairchair for American Literature up to the time he died in the year 2002. He is of English and Germany ancestry. When growing up, he started to enjoy Jazz because of his father and he started to play trombone when he was in the fourth Grade. While growing up, he was funny and friendly and he did many things as an actor. From his biography, when he was in high school, he ran tracks and played in the band. He graduated from the Liberty High of Bethlehem in the year 1970. The day that he finished the school, he started in the university and he enrolled in the psychology major. Next summer, he was working as usher in a Local theater and he observed the peers when they were acting. This is what motivated him to switch the major and started to play theater arts and he graduated with a degree of bachelor. He moved then and went to Boston where he got the masters degree in Harvard University. At his age, he has been able to win the hearts of many people and he is an actor of 6 feet with 4 inches. He is over 1.93 meters.

He has a perfect private life and he was dating his girlfriend called Genie Francis before the two decided to turn their relationship in a marriage and they got married in 1988. After many years as a couple, the wife and the husband are happy together and there is no case of divorce. They have two children and they are Jameson Ivor Frakes and Elizabeth Francis Frakes. He is a successful person when it comes to his career and he has been able to make over 12 million dollars as a net worth. When the script demands it, he gives shirtless scenes. He has been given a good salary for the roles she had in many movies like Bare Essence, Beulah Land, Harper Valley, Hart to Hard and Thunderbirds among others.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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