Eugenie Devane is known as the wife of William Devane, an American actor most famous for his role as James Heller on the Fox network hit drama 24.

Married Life With William

Eugenie and William have been married for multiple decades; they married in 1961. They are happy and have two sons named. Their eldest son dies in an accident, and their younger son, Joshua Devane, engaged in acting.

Her Husband's Start in Acting

William Devane was born on September 5, 1939, in Albany, New York. Devane graduated from New York's American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1962; his education at the school played a huge part in his success. His father had a famous run-in when he was working as a driver. He got assigned to drive former United States President Franklin Roosevelt when his tenure as a governor. He said he would run around the capitol building along with his siblings when they were young.

The Hollywood Interview website asked William why he was drawn to acting when growing up in Albany. William replied, "Joey, my older brother, had his TV show in the '50s, along with Cathy Callahan. It was a local kid's show called Teenage Barn. They'd be on Saturday morning. "Side by Side" was their theme song. Then they'd perform at schools and banquets all over town. They had drag little Willie along, and that's how it happened. I spent my childhood watching this, and suddenly you start to become a part of it."

Playing John F Kennedy

Many movie fans remember William fondly for his portrayal of former United States president John F Kennedy in the TV movie, The Missiles of October in 1974. Not only did William look like JFK, but he was also able to replicate his speaking tone. The Hollywood Interview asked about the role that put him on the map, "Yeah, that's the part that made me. Before I played JFK, I joke that I was the third guy through the door on Mission: Impossible. (laughs) They originally wanted me to play Bobby. Martin Sheen was going to play Bobby Kennedy if Hal Holbrook played JFK. If Hal didn't do it, Marty didn't want to do Bobby. I knew the director, Anthony Page, from the New York Shakespeare Festival. So I'm there, thinking I'm going to play Bobby, and they can't find anyone who will play JFK. This is 1974, so people are afraid of being typecast. They decided to hire me."


Knots Landing

In 1983, William landed one of the most prominent roles that fans still remember him from. The name of the show was called Knots Landing. He ended up doing the show for over 269 episodes. He was beloved on the show for his role as Greg Sumner. Sumner was a formidable politician that ended up being a huge business mogul.

When a Knots Landing fan site interviewed William, he was asked if he was brought onto the show the same way that another cast member Kevin Dobson did. He replied, "Well, Kevin Dobson came on to Knots because CBS had to fulfill a contractual obligation. He had a deal with CBS to do a series; there was a show that he was going to do as a detective who had a young daughter, and that went nowhere. CBS had to fulfill his contract, so they put him on Knots Landing. It worked well because Don Murray didn't want to be on Knots anymore. You'd be surprised how often people get onto shows like that because the actor has a contract with the network. It happens with writers all the time. I've been on shows when suddenly writers show up out of nowhere, and you wonder why. Then you realize that they had a deal with the network, and they're obligated to get a job. But in any case, that's how Kevin Dobson got onto Knots Landing."

Other Roles

He is a legend when it comes to movies and TV shows. He has a huge fan following with critics that always applaud his work.

Her husband has had many roles in films and television shows. He has been able to win many hearts around the entire world with his impressive acting. He appeared in a TV series known as NYPD from 1967 up to 1969. In 1970, a show called Medical Center hired him to be on the show, A Woman Named Jackie in 1991,

He was in other TV shows for the Love of Nany, Phenom, and Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise and What About Brian. He appeared in many movies such as The Dark, In the Country, The Least Among You, The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training, and Monte Walsh.

William's Business Ventures

Besides his acting career, William is a businessman, and he has used his earnings from his entertainment career to invest in companies. He is an owner of a restaurant where Italian Cuisine is served. He is the owner of a few ranches, and they are used for many purposes, including business and pleasure. One of the ranches is over 140 acres.

William represents Rosland Capital as one of their spokespeople. Rosland Capital is an asset management firm that deals in precious metals. They sell gold and other metals from their Los Angeles headquarters. They are familiar to audiences because of their television commercials that feature William. They landed a huge deal in 2016 when they were assigned to be the worldwide distributor for Formula One's limited-edition gold and silver coins that appeared during the 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship.

Last Modified: Aug 23, 2021

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