Jackie Christie

Jackie Christie is an American actress and producer known popularly as her role in Lucky Girl and In Professor Mack. She has three children with Doug Christie who is an NBA player.

Personal Life

Jackie Christie was born on 7th July 1969 in Seattle, United States. She is an American reality TV star and a Fashion Designer. Her sun Sign is Cancer and stands at a height of 1.7 M. She became popular when she was married to Doug Christie and had three children named, Chantel Christie, Douglas Jr. Christie and her daughter from a past relationship named Takari. They have been married for over two decades.

Jackie was involved in a very intimate relationship at a young age and had her child Takari in 1990. Takari was taken care of by Jackie's mother who passed away in 2012. Jackie is considered to be a very outspoken and controversial member of the cast from ‘Basketball Wives: Los Angeles’ by her fans. Jackie is successful both in entertainment as well as in business.

She personally owns two companies called Jean Fya Records and BSM Media that is an entertainment firm. Christie runs a Fashion designing line called Slayed By Jackie Christie. As she is talented, apart from the showbiz and entertainment icons she is also an author and had written several motivational Books and she is also famous for her philanthropic nature. Jackie enjoys working for a charity as well.


Christie became popular when she got married to a Basketball star Doug Christie who was an NBA player. And because of his husband’s occupation, she got to star in the reality show ‘Basketball Wives: Los Angeles’ as she was very outspoken in the show it gave her name to great heights and she also had begun to be famous more than the other cast members from it. Jackie also has been claimed to be a liar by her fellow cast members.

Doug and Jackie Christie also had a reality series of their own called ‘The Christies: Committed’. The show is about their personal life and their professional lives. But the show was canceled after six episodes only even before airing its finale.

After this event, Jackie became a publisher in 2007 and started writing. With her business blooming, Jackie then began a career in fashion having her own fashion line called ‘Slain by Jackie Christie’ and managed to open two companies following her success in fashion. One is a music production label company and the other one an entertainment firm, which is also a massive hit for her career in business.

She is very popular on social media like Twitter and Instagram and has many followers and fans. Books written by Jackie Christie are as follows: Luv Pons, Sexual Relations, Proud to be a colored girl, Woman, In the Land of Sex and Money and No Ordinary Love. There was a time when Jackie and Doug decided to make an adult film but didn't go through with the plan. As a successful woman in business, she has a net worth of $10 million.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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