Bryan Brown

Bryan Brown is one of the most reputed actors in the history of Australian cinema and television. He has starred in numerous notable Australian movies and television shows like “Breaker Morant”.

Personal Life

According to his biography, Bryan Brown took birth in the city of Sydney, situated in the state of New South Wales of Australia, on the date 23rd June 1947, with the name Bryan Neathway Brown given to him. His father, John Brown, worked as a piano artist in the Longshaw School of Ballet, while his mother, Molly Brown, maintained her household by working as a house cleaner for other people. He was an elder brother to his sister, Kristine Brown, and he took care of her as they were growing up in the neighborhood of Panania which was situated in the south-west of Sydney. Bryan was interested in statistics as a child, so he joined the school of the AMP insurance company, where he learned about calculating insurance premiums.

Brown has always kept his professional life separate from his personal life. He met his wife, Rachel Ward, on the set of a television series they both were starring in, and they hit it off from there only and got married after some months of dating, in the year 1984. They are happily married and have three children together: Matilda, Rosie, and Joe Brown. His daughter, Matilda, is also an actress. He actively supports the republican movement in Australia, to throw away the monarchist government.


Bryan Brown developed a passion for acting when he left AMP and started working in amateur theatres to act in plays. He wanted to pursue a career in acting, so he shifted to Britain in 1964, where got to work in small-scale roles at The Old Vic. After his work there, he came back to Australia and started working at the Genesian Theatre of Sydney. He acted in some plays there then shifted to work with the Queensland Theatre Company in 1975, where he got the chance to do a tour for the play titled “The Rainmaker”.

Bryan made his first big screen appearance in the film “Scobie Malone”, which got him to land small roles in many other movies like “Stir” and “Money Movers”. His most groundbreaking role was in the movie “Breaker Morant”, in the year 1980, which changed the course of his acting career as he was noticed by the international audiences.

He then appeared in the television mini-series “A Town Like Alice”, for which he gained popularity in America. After that, Brown landed his first international role in the American series, “The Thorn Birds”, where he starred alongside Rachel Ward (his wife), in 1983.

For his outstanding role in this series, he was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards. Since then, the actor has worked on many international projects like “Tai-Pan” and “Cocktail”. His production company has produced two television series till now namely, “Twisted Tales” and “Two Twisted”, which have earned great reviews from the audience.

His most recent collaboration is with the Sydney Theatre Company, for whom he performed in the stage play titled “Travelling North”, in 2014, at the Wharf Theatre in Sydney. His net worth is estimated to be 3 million US dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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