"Fats" Domino, Jr. popularly known as Fats Domino was born on February 26, 1928, to a family of French Creole background. Presently, his age is 88 years but still evergreen at heart. He is a tall and dark personality with a height of 5 feet 4 inch and dark complexion along with large body type. His father’s name was Antoine Domino and mother’s name was Donatile Gros. He hailed from a musical family as his father was a renewed violinist and his maternal uncle was a jazz guitarist. He was deeply inspired by his uncle Harrison Verrett, who taught him piano and always encouraged him towards the music industry. From his childhood days, he was very much attracted towards the piano and piano was his first love from the beginning. He left school at a very early age of 14 to pursue towards his passion for music. As per his biography, he was determined to set a benchmark in the music industry and to realise his dreams, he began to do odd jobs like working in bar, nightclubs. He had to face many hurdles during his entire journey towards his dreams. One such instance is when, while working he met with an accident, and one of his hands was severely injured. However, nothing could keep him away from his love, music.

One day while working at a club in New Orleans, a turning point came in his life when he was able to grab the attention of Lew Chad, head of Imperial Records. Chad was duly impressed by young Antoine’s rare musical talents and signed him in collaboration with Dave Bartholomew for the song “ The Fat Man” which became the stepping stone in his career and earned him an infinite name , ” ,fame and success, and also a nickname “FAT DOMINO”. It was a huge success and sold over a million copies and made him stand out of the sea of all other singers at that time. His other most popular hits were “ Ain’t It A Shame”, “Blueberry H”,”I'm Walkin” and many more. He even appeared in few films like “Shake”, “Rattle” and “Roll” etc.

He is married to Rosemary and is blessed with 8 children. Fat Domino falsified the so called thought that “Celebrities are more likely to file divorce or break up” since he was happily married to his wife for 68.8 years. Domino always proved himself to be a good husband and good father as he redeemed all his responsibilities of a husband and a father. He 1970 he left New Orleans and devoted all his time towards his family. There was also a rumour of the demise of Fats Domino when the hurricane destroyed virtually almost all his possessions.

Fats Domino was one of the richest celebrities of his times, with a net worth of around $ 8 million. He earns royalty while living in New Orleans and has decided not to leave it, even after the persuasion of the White House. A documentary film named “The Big Beat” by Joe Lauro. The film was of 90 minutes. In recent times, he kept himself away from the celebrity world and preferred to live a simple life. He broke the so-called colour barriers and always influenced equality based on races, colour, caste, status, etc. Apart from being a great song writer, piano player and a diverse personality he was an outstanding human being with a golden heart.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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