Eugene Robinson

Eugene Robinson happens to be a well known figure in Journalism in United States of America. He belongs to the Black African American ethenicity. He holds the citizenship of both USA and Canada. Although he has worked with many channels throughout his career, he is currently working as a Chief Political Analyst for the America's reputed NBC and MSNBC news channels. He mostly works as newspaper columnist and panelist.

Personal life

Currently aged sixty three, Eugene was born as Eugene Harold Robinson in 1954. His birthplace is the beautiful city of Orangeburg situated in South Carolina. He is married to his high school sweetheart Avis C. Robinson. The couple has two children from their marriage. He did his early schooling at the locally prestigious Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School.

Eugene took his higher education from the globally reputed University of Michigan, affiliated to the Harvard University. He was an ace performer at the University. He eventually became the director of his university's journalist's club. He was also elected to become chief editor the Michigan Daily school newspaper. Presently, Eugene leads a quite and happy life with his beloved wife, Avis and his children in the picturesque town of Arlington, situated in Virginia.


Eugene started her career with her induction in the globally reputed San Francisco Chronicle. This was in the year 1976. He was appointed to cover the trial of Patty Hearst, a publishing heiress. `Eugene's first big break in the demanding world of journalism came when he was appointed to the post of managing editor for the world renowned 'The Washington Post'. Initially, he was appointed as a reporter, at city hall.

He also hold a reputed position in the Association of the Black Journalists. His articles and other columns are regularly published in The Washington Daily. Eugene recently became a board member at the International Women's Media Foundation. Apart from news editing and analysis, he has also written a number of books on modern journalism which went on to be inducted in the curriculum of many prestigious institutions. Some of these include "Last Dance in Havana", and "Cold to the Cream'.

In the year of 2009, Eugene was selected to be the recipient of the globally prestigious Pulitzer Prize. He won the award due to his works relating to the Senetor Barak Obama and his presidential campaign. He has also been invited to many popular TV shows of recent years like “Ed Show”, "Rachel Maddow Show", "Hardball", and "The Countdown". He has worked with an equally popular TV Panelist named Keith Olbermann.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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