Jonathan Sadowski

Jonathan Sadowski happens to be a well known actor belonging to the white american ethenicity. He is most famously known to play the character of Josh Kaminski on a well known ABC Family's popular sitcom, known as Young and Hungry. He holds the dual citizenship of Canada and The United states of America.

Personal Life

Currently aged twenty three, Jonathan Sadowski was born on 23rd November in the year of 1979. His birthplace happens to be the famous city of Chicago situated in Illinois, USA. His mother was Mairose and his father was Robert Sadowski. His mother and father were of Italian and Polish decent respectively. He was introduced to acting at an early age of about twenty two when he was in high school.

The actor started by playing various small supporting roles in several of the plays conducted by his school's amateur drama club. Eventually, he became a locally well known actor who never failed to give an outstanding performance. He started getting offers from various other theatre groups around the country.

Jonathan was also very interested in the modelling as a career, hoping it would lift up his chances of realising his dreams of becoming a well known actor in the Hollywood. His well built and attractive physique helped him to realise his modelling dreams to some extent but later on, he became solely interested in the field of TV acting. He then started playing small roles in various low budget movies which mostly went unnoticed.

Several years later, Sadowski finally got recognition in hollywood as a talented actor. This got him several high paying offers from some of the most reputed production companies of the time. By the time he was twenty eight, Jonathan had many high earning movies in his bag. For a small but significant time, he was one of the most in-demand actor of entire Hollywood.


Although his portrayal of the Josh Kaminski's iconic character on ABC Family's Young and Hungry is considered his best work, he also did many other successful roles in his career. Sadowski very famously portrayed the role of Paul Antonio (Viola Hasting's best friend) in the popular movie She's the Man. His other works include the role of Trey in Live Free or Die Hard (released in 2007), Bruce Kelso in The Division (released in 2004), Sayles in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (released in 2008), Lt Norki in NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigation Service (released in 2003), Brett Ratner's assistant in Entourage (released in 2007), Dr Mason in House (released in 2007), Laszlo Mahnovski in Chuck Versus The Sandworm (released in 2007), Paul in Chernobyl Diaries (released in 2012), Joshua in Sirens (released in 2015), Blake in The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (released in 2009), Harry in All Relative (released in 2014), Doug in Spring Breakdown (released in 2009), Wade in Friday the 13th (released in 2009) and Henry Goodson in S*it! My Dad Says (released in 2010).

Jonathan Sadowski's has a net worth of around four million american dollars. This is entirely due to his consistent hardwork in the field of his work and interest. Coming from a very humble background, he managed to climb up the ladder of success owing to his perfectionist attitude, immense hard work and unquestionable talent.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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