Cooper Barnes

Cooper Barnes Age and Bio (Wiki)

Cooper Barnes is a British-American actor, producer, and director. He age is 39 years and has worked in a lot of TV shows and movies. He is well-known for his lead role as Captain Man in a TV series “Henry Danger” on the kids’ channel Nickelodeon. He has not been involved in any displeasing incident. He is known as simple man who stay out of controversy.

Cooper Barnes Personal Life

Cooper Barnes was born in England on 15th April in the year 1979. His hometown is Sheffield and the actor was raised in Michigan. Cooper’s biography mostly revolves around his professional life and does not contain much information about his parents and siblings.

Cooper Barnes Education

He went to Northville High School. Barnes completed his high school degree in 1997. There is no record of his bachelor’s qualification. Cooper decided to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. After completing his education, Barnes moved to California, the United States to become an actor.

Cooper Barnes Married Life

Cooper is in a happy and committed relationship. The actor got married to Liz Stewart on 3rd October 2015. Liz is also associated with the entertainment industry and works as a producer and writer. Cooper and Liz first met in 2012 and fell in love with each other. The beautiful couple has a daughter who is named Ripley. Cooper lives in the United States with his wife and daughter. There is no record of his past relationships. Barnes has never gone through a divorce.

 Cooper Barnes Professional Career Path

Soon after moving to the United States, Barnes started his career as an actor in 2001. Cooper played his debut role in a movie named “Digging with Earnest”. Starting with the minor roles in TV shows and movies, Barnes kept on advancing in his field and finally got cast in a TV show named “Californication” in the year 2007. Later in 2009, he made his appearance in a TV show “Coldcase”. During these years Cooper appeared in a lot of other shows, including “Pacino & Pacino Talent Agency”, “My Sister Charlie”, and “Pair of Kings-The king’s Brother”. As the time was passing, Barnes kept moving forward. He appeared in “Jessie” and “Sunken City” in the year 2013. Cooper showed his talent as a voice actor as well when he played his role as a voice actor in a movie titled “Escape from the Planet Earth”. He did a lot of other roles in the same year. The actor was blessed with the role of Captain Man in a TV show “Henry Danger” in the year 2014. This was the role that got him more recognition than ever. This series still airs on the TV channel Nickelodeon.

Cooper Barnes Net Worth Facts

Other than his serious acting career, Barnes also worked in comedy genre when he founded “Frog Island” which is a sketch comedy company. 39 years old, a young enthusiastic actor has still a lot to look forward to. Cooper is active on social media, particularly on Instagram and Twitter, and enjoys a great fan following. He is not known to have won any awards. As mentioned in Cooper’s bio, his net worth is estimated to be around $10 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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