Chris Garver, then a future tattoo artist, was born on 11th September in the year 1970. His biography began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Chris drew his first breath. When Chris Garver was still very young, his mother, who was also an artist employed by the Carnegie Museum of Art, encouraged him to pursue the career of an artist and develop his abilities in drawing and painting. Moreover, young Chris fancied playing guitar as well as other musical instruments in the early age.


At first, Chris Garver studied at the High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, which is located in his hometown. However, after expressing some interest in tattoos and obtaining some experience in this field, Chris enrolled in the Chicago’s Art Institute and the School of Visual Arts, located in New York City.

Career Experience

Chris Garver, indeed a professional tattoo artist now, started to experiment with tattoos at the age of 17. Even though he had been fond of playing music and in particular his bass guitar, he decided to sell it in order to acquire a tattoo machine. After getting a professional education in this field, the artists decided to move to New York, where he continued studying and started his professional career in the early twenties.

Already at that time, he deservedly obtained a reputation of respectable, professional, and, what is surprising for this sphere, humble tattoo maker. Due to the outstanding job he had while staying in New York, he was invited to work in Europe and Asia. In particular, Chris Garver confessed that he learnt a lot of things while practicing in Japan, especially from such artists from Irezumi like Horitoshi, Horitomo, and Horiyoshi. Moreover, a Buddhist Monk once even made a tattoo for Chris Garver. However, after his job visits to Japan and Europe, Chris Garver returned to the United States as he already enjoyed the title of the one of the best tattoo artists in the world.

It was in the year 2005 when Garver arrived to Miami and joined the Miami Ink tattoo parlor, after accepting the invitation from his friend. It was a golden ticket for him that led to his appearance on TV: the tattoo parlor was used for the reality TV show, produced by the TLC, under the title “Miami Ink.” In that show, it was revealed how tattoo artists work, what propelled their clients to make tattoos, and, after all, the artwork tattoo artists create. Along with Chris Garver, such artists like Yoji Harada, Kat Von D., and Daren Brass took part in the reality show, too. Up to date, the net worth of Chris Garver is believed to be equal to $3 million.

Personal life

Chris Garver is married to Alena Garver, and they together celebrated their marriage ceremony in 2013. Reportedly, Chris and Alena have a baby, yet too few facts are known about their kid.

Once, Chris Garver confessed that he typically refuses to make tattoos on the hands or face.


Chris Garver is also an author of the book, entitled “Color Odyssey: A Creative Coloring Journey”, which was published in 2010 and is being sold on Amazon.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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