Daniel Corbett drew his first breath in Britain’s Dagenham, Essex. However, the date of his birth, as well as the age, is still unavailable to the public. The future meteorologist spent his childhood spent his childhood in Billericay. However, it was a crucial decision for him, taken by his family, to move to New York.


After the move of his family to New York, young Daniel grew up in New York’s Smithtown with a population of some 117,000 citizens. There, he attended a high school, graduating from it in 1985. In 1990, Daniel Corbett graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology.

Career Experience

The career of Daniel Corbett started at the Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. At first, he worked at the New York Department of the company, but later moved to Houston, Texas, where the company’s headquarters are located. His duties on his job were to provide weather forecasts for ski resorts, energy companies, aviation industry companies, and corporate clients.

In 1995, Daniel Corbett began his career on TV, thanks to which he has become recognized worldwide. Then, he started to work at the WCFT-TV, a virtual and digital channel, stationed in Alabama’s Tuscaloosa. Already at that time, he had experienced difficulties because it was hard for him to be on TV with the British accent. Due to his accent, he had to go through even more difficulties when he moved to KWTX-TV, located in Waco, Texas. As Daniel Corbett confessed later in an interview, he thought that the viewers did not understand him.

The 1997 year was the year of a major breakthrough for Corbett. At that time, he was invited by the BBC to work at their meteorological office and launch “BBC News 24”, a news TV network, and Daniel Corbett was a key figure there. Since he joined the BBC, his career progressed and he made a lot of appearances and broadcasts for BBC channels, like the “BBC One” as well as the “BBC Two”. Also, he was broadcasted by the BBC’s radio stations. In 2000, he took a decision to return to the United States and worked for various stations. In 2001, he started to work at Arizona’s KGUN-TV channel. Subsequently, he moved to the UK to work at the BBC’ meteorological office and back to the United States several times. While working in the United States, he made reportages from Denver. As a reported of the BBC, he reported from the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

After all, he left the BBC in 2011 due to his decision to join a media company in New Zealand. While working in New Zealand, he reported from the whole Australia region. Corbett confessed that he moved to the new place due to the need to change the lifestyle. Once, he was a speaker at the Sustainable Kingston Community Forum.

Personal life

The renowned meteorologist is married to Helen Corbett. The wedding took place in 2000. However, both of them prefer not to disclose their private lives to the public. Therefore, it is unknown whether they have children or not.

Daniel Corbett is remembered by many viewers thanks to his perfect weather metaphors.

Daniel has a surname of the prominent U.S. boxer of the past, Dan Corbett.

He has a page on Twitter with over 1,000 subscribers and posts weather forecasts there.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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