Chelsea Houska attained fame as one of the cast in the show Teen Mom, which, as the name suggests, showcased her tryst with teenage pregnancy. She appeared from the second season of the show in 2009. Her journey as a teen mom was chronicled on the show, along with the birth of her daughter Aubree Skye Houska with her boyfriend Adam Lind. After Lind called Aubree a mistake, Chelsea decided to bring up her daughter on her own, and even gave her the name Houska instead of her boyfriend’s name. This is a short wiki biography of her.

Early Life

Chelsea Houska was born as Chelsea Anne Houska in the city of Vermillion in South Dakota on August 29, 1991. Her parents are Randy and Mary. She used to play softball in her school. However, when she became pregnant with her boyfriend Adam Lind, she had to drop out of school. It was at this time that she appeared on the show 16 & Pregnant. Her story became popular, as she tried to convince Adam Lind to accept her pregnancy, and she soon found herself as a part of the original cast of Teen Mom 2. She gave birth to her daughter on September 7, 2009. After this, she continued her studies. She did a course in cosmetology and graduated in 2013.

Appearance on Teen Mom 2

Houska was part of the teen moms on Teen Mom 2. The showed her journey with pregnancy at the age of 16. It focused on her trying to convince her boyfriend to talk him into accepting the baby, who later accepted, and the baby was born. She was initially named as Aubree Lind, but apart from giving the child the name, Adam did little else. On the show, Houska spoke of how Adam was more interested in sleeping and cars, and though her pregnancy was complicated as she had painful contractions and went into premature labor, she got little help from Adam. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Adam called the baby a mistake. This is when Houska decided to bring up the baby herself, and she even gave her own name to the child, thus naming her Aubree Skye Houska.

The show also showed her custodial struggles for her child. When Adam left her for another girlfriend, the situation reached an emotional high point.

She has appeared on 77 episodes of the show. The show has currently been revived for a seventh season. It now mostly tells of her life as a single mother and her new relationships.

Personal Life

Most of Houska’s personal life has been shown on the reality show Teen Mom 2. Her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind now lives with another girlfriend. She too has now entered into a relationship with Cole DeBoer, and got engaged with him in 2015. They have several pet animals together.

She has an active website where she has spoken of several things such as her weight loss. She is very popular on the social media, with around 3 million followers on Twitter. Her net worth at present is believed to be in the range of $60,000.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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