James E. Breuer, more famous as simply Jim Breuer, drew his first breath on 21st June in the year 1967. He was born in Valley Stream, New York. There, he grew up with his family, and the father of his was a combatant during the Second World War.


Jim Breuer studied at the Valley Stream Central High School, located in New York’s Long Island, and already at that time he strived to become a stand-up comedian.

Career Experience

Before becoming a famous stand-up comedian, Jim Breuer started his professional career of the comedian in various small comedy clubs, at which he worked and travelled across the whole country. After all, he ended up in one of the comedy club circuits in New York. After spending a little bit more than half a year in New York City, Jim Breuer made a hard-to-underestimate breakthrough, appearing in the show under the title “Uptown Comedy Club.” Thus, he appeared on national TV and spent two seasons on the show.

It was just a preparation, however, to the real fame that he could enjoy after he joined the “Saturday Night Live” in 1995, which has been a step of incredible significance in the careers of many famous stand-up comedians. Since 1995 and up to 1998, Jim Breuer worked at that SNL where he made his best performance. In particular, it is going about the famous “And Laughter For All” and “The Goat Boy”, which are amazingly popular on YouTube up to now. Since the comedian joined the “Saturday Night Live”, he also started to star in various sitcoms, such as “Buddies” and “Home Improvement.” Jim Breuer also embodied Joe Pesci, an actor and a friend of famous stand-up comedian George Carlin. However, Jim Breuer confessed that he is largely thankful to Pesci for his successful career. In 1998, Breuer became a host of the show entitled “The Jim Breuer Show”. Later, he also was a host of other comedy shows as well as he made numerous appearances in different comedies.

Later, in 2009, Jim Breuer created one of the most successful comedies in the history of Comedy Central, which was presented as “Let’s Clear the Air.” He also worked at numerous radio shows, including the “Ople and Anthony Show.” Jim Breuer hosted a show known as “Fridays with Jim Breuer”, which was known before being retitled as “Breuer Unleashed.”

In addition to that, Jim Breuer had made a tour which included visits to over 20 comedy clubs, universities, and colleges. On the whole, the comedian has participated in 15 TV shows and movies. Up to date, his net worth is believed to be $3 million.

One is able pick an upcoming event with Jim Breuer on his website.

Personal life

In 1993, Jim Breuer got married to Dee Breuer. The family has three daughters and lives in New Jersey’s Chester Township.

Jim Breuer is considered to be a very religious person and he regularly visits the church.

Jim Breuer is also a fan of rock music. Apart from the movie about Metallica in which he starred, he performed at the “Shot Down in Flames” show, which was a tribute to AC/DC.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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