Chanel West Coast

Chelsea Chanel Dudley, more famous as Chanel West Coast, was born on 1st September in the year 1988. The future singer, rapper and actress was born in Los Angeles, California. Despite the fact that she was born in Los Angeles, a big part of her childhood she spent in New York City (while the other part she stayed with her mother in North Hollywood), where her father lived. By the way, her father is Russian by nationality. When Chelsea was young, her father took her to different nightclubs where he worked as a DJ. Besides, approximately at that time Chanel began to take courses of dancing and singing. However, there is perhaps no bio of hers where is mentioned her education.

Career Experience

Despite the huge popularity of Chanel as a rapper, her career began after acquainting with Rob Dyrdek, an American TV reality star and actor. Chanel started to work as a receptionist at MTV, where Dyrdek appeared in his TV reality series Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. In 2011, when started the fourth season of this reality show, Chanel made her debut on TV in “The Hard Times of RJ Berger”, another TV series on MTV. There, she played Sheila.

While working as a receptionist, Chanel West Coast started to record songs in 2009. In the same year, she started to cooperate with different singers. At that time, she was featured in the record “Melting Like Ice Cream”, performed by Tiffanie Anderson. In 2010, Chanel released her first single. In the same year, she appeared in the song of Planet Hollywood. The following year, there appeared facts that she struck a deal with label Zone 4. However, later she left it without any results.

Thereafter, she opened access to her materials in internet for free. Later, there appeared a musical video “I Love Money” where Chanel was featured. At the same time, she goes on to sing in clubs such songs as “Eat My Cookies”. Her hot, energetic performances attracted attention of the public and this way she has won myriads of fans.

In 2012, she signed a deal with label Young Money Entertainment thanks to the help of Lil Wayne. The mixtape of hers “Now You Know” was released a year later. In the meantime, she went on to participate in different TV series, such as Ridiculousness, and promote her mixtape.

Since 2014, Chanel West Coast is working over her debut album. Even though it was due to be released in 2014, now the estimated year of the release is 2016. The first single of the album, called “Blueberry Chills”, was released at the beginning of 2014.

Personal life

Without any doubt, Chanel West Coast loves a lot of attention. However, she denied any relationship with anyone despite the abundance of rumors about her love affairs. In particular, it was rumored that her boyfriend 2015 was Ryan Sheckler, with whom she had a quite romantic attitude.

In addition, she filed for bankruptcy in 2012.


While the singer’s first album has to be released yet, she participated in one of the compilation albums: “Young Money: Rise of an Empire”, produced by the Young Money Entertainment label. It was released at the beginning of spring in the year 2014 and occupied top positions in the charts for a while.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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