Brenda was born on 11 December 1944. She was born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and she was born in Atlanta in Georgios in the United States of America. It is known that her height is 4 feet and 9 inches and that is the reason why she got a nickname of Miss Dynamite. The name of her father is known to be Ruben Tarpley and the name of her mother is Annie Yarbrough.

Her parents didn’t have a strong financial background and that is the reason why she was born in a charity hospital. Her childhood was not spent at a fixed place and that is because her father often moved in search of food. She has two siblings and one of them is her brother and the other one is her sister. Brenda’s father worked in American Army and it is known that her mother didn’t study much.

As per the information, Brenda started soon and she had been quite fascinated by music. She always wanted to make her career in music industry. She often earned several candies for singing in a candy shop. Brenda also sang a lot of songs in her school and she won several music competitions at an early age. It is known that Brenda’s father passed away in 1953 and as she turned 10 old, she took the responsibility of her house and she started earning for her family.  Brenda also worked with WAGA TV.

During her childhood performance, she used to lower her mike and she used to stand on a small platform in order to reach the mike. She received a lot of fame in 1955 as she got a chance to sing in Jambalaya. The audience gave a loud applaud at end of her performance and in later stages, she received a lot of fame because of this. It is said that from 1858 to 1966, her career was at a peak. She sang many songs and her songs appeared in top 100 lists on several occasions.

She also performed in countries like United Kingdom, Germany and much more. For the same reason, she because quite successful. She performed in several counties. The fact is that Brenda is still working even at this age and she feels satisfied after singing songs.

Brenda got married in 1963 and the name of her husband is Ronnie Shacklette. As per the information, Brenda had been married to him since 1963. The couple also has two children and both are daughters. The name of their daughter is Julie Shacklette and Jolu Shacklette. The couple still lives together and they have seen good and bad days together.

It is also known that she worked in several aspects of her relationship to keep it healthy and song. The total annual salary of this year is not known but her annual salary in 1014 was known to be 68 thousand American dollars. Her total net worth is estimated to be 20 million American dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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