Benjamin Flores

Benjamin Flores is also called Lil’ P-Nut and he is a rap artist and an American child actor born in the year 2002. He had rapped the song called, You Might Be The One. Flores played the role of Louie Preston in The Haunted Hathaways television series. From that time, he appeared as Triple G in Nickelodeon series called Game Shakers.

From his biography, Benjamin Flores was born in the city of Memphis in Tennessee. He got noticed when he was interviewed by Local Memphis Fox television when he was only 7 years old. After that interview, he then appeared at The Ellen DeGeneres Show and it was where he performed the first rap. He appeared on All That song of Cymphonique. Other raps he had been included are Choosin’ and Bad Dreams.

His acting career started when he appeared in Are We There Yet, sitcom. He was playing as Atticus which was the rapping penguin in the Happy Feet 2 animation. He had a cameo appearance in the Music video of Yo Gotti called Look in the Mirror. Flores did appear in a film called Ride Along and it was released in the year 2014. He was a member of the cast of the Nickelodeon television called The Haunted Hathaways. He was playing as a ghost called Louie who was living in the house where a living family was living. This show continued for two seasons and it ended in the year 2015. He got nominated for the Favorite TV actor for Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards of 2014 and of 2015 because of the role in The Haunted Hathaways.

In the year 2015, he started to act in Game Shakers of Dan Schneider. He was playing a role of Triple G which is a son of a famous rapper called Double G. The series entered into the third season in the year 2016. Flores became the new voice for Gerald Johanssen in the television movie called Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie. He had a role in the fantasy-action movie called Transformers: The Last Knight.

Benjamin Flores started to rap when he was still too young and his father did not care too much about it, up to the time that people started to appreciate him and to compliment him. This is when his father took him to New Daisy Theatre Talent Show and he became its winner. His popularity increased and people got to know about him. A Memphis agent came to know about him and he invited him. He rapped about education and God and this impressed the agent.

Even if he is still too young, his skills in rapping and his acting prowess are not juvenile or childish. He does have a mature and charming personality which makes him easy to mingle with other people regardless if they are grownups or children.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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