Andrew Napolitano

Andrew was born on 6 June 1950. He was born in Newark in New Jersey in the United States of America. To complete his education Andrew went to Princeton University and he later enrolled in Notre Dame Law School. It is known that he was admitted to the bar council of New Jersey in 1975.

Later, Andrew started working as a private litigator and he also gave lessons about law at Delaware Law School. He was also the judge of Superior Court and as per the information, he was one of the youngest judges. He worked as a judge for 8 years. There is no information available about his siblings or about his parents. Even at this age, Andrew is quite uncomfortable in talking about his parents.

It is known that Andrew gave several practical decisions and one such decision was when he declared the checkpoints as unconstitutional. It is also known that he gave many remarkable judgments in favor of women.

Later in 1995, Andrew decided to resign and he decided to work as a teacher and a writer. He also wanted to make his career in the TV industry. Andrew also worked at Brooklyn Law School and he gave several interesting lectures. It is also known that Andrew has a big farm and there, maple syrup is produced. Andrew later started working in media and he was known to be working as a judge in one of the series. He also hosted several talk shows and he had been quite popular with the same. Some of the shows he worked in are Brian and the Judge.

He later started working with FOX news and he later resigned from the channel. Andrew also worked as a legal analyst for many shows. Andrew also joined politics and he also supported a cause stating that the abortion should be eliminated. He received several criticisms for some of these things. It is known that he also supported interracial marriage and at the same time he also wanted to eliminate capital punishment.

It is also known that he promoted a theory known as 9/11 conspiracy theory, it was suggested that CIA knew about the terrorist attack and they did nothing. In the same theory, he also doubted if CIA planted a bomb in the building. He also used to spread a conspiracy theory about Donald Trump and his phone getting wiretapped.

It is believed that Andrew was dating James C Sheil but she passed away in 2013. Andrew was quite upset about the fact as he had never been married and he probably had plans to marry her. There are certain rumors which suggest that Andrew is a gay but he rejected all the rumors and at the same time he didn’t pay attention to such rumors. The total annual salary of Andrew is not known and as per some of the statistics, his net worth is estimated to be more than 7.5 Million American dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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