Aminata Schmahl

Aminata Schmahl is a person who is known because of many things. She is the singer, producer, actress and a songwriter. She became well known when she appeared at Love and Hip Hop: New York Reality show. She started to appear in its 4th season and had the standing role from that time. She is a member of Black Buddafly group and together with her two sisters, they released 1AM Part 1.

They come together to make the group when they were still in their home in Germany. It was together with her twin sister called Jazz an older sister called Sophie. They started the group and they enjoyed some success. The first single that became well known is Rock-A-Bye. They continued with the release of Bad Girl sung with Fabulous.

When Sophie left their group, Aminata with her twin sister, they continued together. Aminata Schmahl is a popular woman and having to deal with different things, increased her net worth greatly. Acting in the reality show also increased her fame and she has been able to get enough money because of how she was loved. In her career, she had already made at least 3 million dollars.

For her personal life, Aminata Schmahl is married and her husband is Peter Gunz. Her husband also appeared in the reality show. They were dating for some time and they decided to get married. They have already children, a son and a daughter. They got their daughter Cori Gunz before they got married and their son Bornx was born after the marriage. Peter had other children he got from other relationships. They are five children, Phoenix, Kennedy, Brandon, Whitney and Cory. They were born from three women. There is no rumor about their relationship and it means that there is nothing such as divorce that may be expected soon.

When it comes to Aminata Schmahl’s biography, Aminata Schmahl was born in the city of Hamburg in Germany. It was in the year 1983. Her mother is Germany and her father is from Senegal. She did not move too much when she was a little girl until the time she became famous. Her family is music lovers and besides her sister, she was born with an older brother. Her father liked Jazz while the mother loved Motown Music. This is why the children also loved music at early age.

Aminata Schmahl is still young and has the best body measurement. She has great looks and her height is 5 feet with 6 inches. Her weight is 70 kg and this is the right balance taking into account all her needs. Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq were a hip hop duo in America. The two had a successful single named Déjà vu which reached at number nine at US Billboard Hot 100. The two appeared in the album six of Whodini.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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