Suzie Ketcham

Suzie Ketcham is one of the casts of the Basketball Wives series that appeared at VH1. She is a professional for the real estate agency and also a socialite. She is half Chinese and half Caucasian.

Suzie’s biography shows that she lived her childhood at East Coast, Hong Kong and U.S. Her parents decided to get a divorce when she was only four. This is when she moved to live in the city of Los Angeles and this is where she grew up. She completed her high school in the city of New Jersey and then graduated at Pepperdine University.

When it comes to her career, she was a member of the basketball wives at TV reality series. The show is about women who had been connected to the professional basketball player in one way or not. Ketcham was in relationship with the professional basketball player called Michael Olowokandi.

Because of the fame she got with the show, she started real estate career. She wanted to make the mark in the real estate in Miami. She also gives donation to many organizations since she is a philanthropic.

Suzie had been transformed in front of the eyes of the fans in the four seasons of the series. At the beginning, she was the resident pushover, but as the time passed, she earned respect of Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie. She proved that she is not only the pretty face. She had served as the comic relief in the series while showing the girls that use the pepper mill which may pay off for them in the bedroom. The viewers have to learn on her wishes of finishing her degree.

Suzie Ketcham is not shy about talking on the success of the series, changes that happened in her personality and how she focuses more on her love life. When it comes to her personal life, Suzie Ketcham says that people think that she is a party animal; however, she is a home person. Once a fan asked her to give her a car and she can give her a one year old son. She has a celebrity crash to Johnny Depp since for her, he is everything. If she would be given a chance of joining another reality show, she said that she would have joined Kardashians since they have huge paychecks.

The first concert she attended was that of George Michael. Her idol is her mom because she is a strongest woman she ever knew. Her favorite drink is tonic with tanquerey together with some extra lime.

Being a wife to a celebrity and being the celebrity on her own, she has been able to get enough net worth estimated to be 2 million. She met with her husband while at Malibu in California. She was still a student while he was a player with Clippers. They dated for 10 years but in the end they divorced. They had two children.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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