Bre Ladd was born in the year 1984 and she attended school where she did community and public health. While in her high school, she got the Arizona Republic and Tucson Citizen. She was also the player for the year. In the year 2002, she got ranked to be the first in the Volleyball Magazine Fab 50. She did in different games when Arizona was playing against New Mexico, Oregon state and Washington.

According to her biography, Bre Ladd grew up in the city of Tucson in Arizona. His father is Bob Ladd and Tammie Ladd. She had an older brother called Josh Ladd. She was the mentor for the deaf students at the Arizona School of Deaf and Blind. She is fluent in the sign language and afterwards she studied nursing.

When she was still in high school, she played for four years in the club Cactus of Tucson. During this time in the high school days, she became the player of the year in Volleyball. During the year 2001, she played with Arizona 5A South MVP and this is when she became the captain of his high school team in 2000 and in 2001.

Bre Ladd was at the first position in the Volleyball Magazine, Fab 50 in the year 2002. She helped her class to reach to quarterfinals of 2001. She become the member of the 2001 USA junior National team together with her teammates from Arizona. They competed in the Women’s junior World Championship. When she was still in the high school, she was a member of CDO Honor Roll.

For her personal life Bre Ladd graduated in 2002, she met with Luke Walton in the year 2002 and they started to date in the year 2005. Their marriage took place in the year 2013 and 225 guests attended the wedding. The wedding took place at The Little Nell in the Aspen in Colorado. The wedding took place at the top of the mountain and the guests prepared themselves at the bottom and they took a gondola to go to the place where they exchanged their vows.

Walton was a player of Los Angeles Lakers and he is now the coach of Golden State Warriors. Luke Walton had proposed to Bre Ladd at Christmas Eve in 2006. He put a small box in a very big box and Bre assumed that he got the earring she had asked him. When he found out it was a ring, she was shocked.

They are now married and there is no rumor that they may divorce. The net worth of Luke is believed to be over 16 million dollars. Bre Ladd is tall and has 6 feet. Her career started in the secondary school and she continued until university. The couple does not have children yet. Walton and Bre met when they were still students and he was majoring in human development and family studies.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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