Peter Gunz is an American rapper who was born as Peter Pankey on 6th January 1969 in the Bronx. He is also known as Othello, which is his nickname as a rapper. He started his journey to become a rapper in the early nineties. He also appeared in different TV shows.

Personal Life

His full name is Peter Pankey. He is now known as Peter Pankey Sr. as he names his son after him as Peter Pankey Jr. He was born in Bronx, Idaho. His biography does not contain any information on his parents and siblings. His early life as a child is not known either. He has also been different scandals. Despite his personal problem, he made it as a rapper for quite a time. He was raised in such an environment that influence his career path. His marital life has also hit a few bumps along the road.

As far as his relationships are concerned, two of her relationships got the attention of the media and made it to the news. He has been in the troublesome situation regarding these relationships. He had been dating his girlfriend Tara Wallace since 2000. He cheated on her with Amina Buddafly. This just didn’t end there. He got married to Amina Buddafly. After her marriage to Amina, he again cheated on her current wife with her ex-girlfriend. Other than these two relationships, he has been involved with other women too.

The identity of these other women is unknown. He has a total of 10 children from his different relationships. Recently rumors have spread in the media that he is going to be a dad again with her wife being pregnant. However, there is no confirmed news about that. One of his children is making his way into the music industry and is a rising talent in rapping. Peter has also become a grandfather as his eldest son has two children. Recent reports hold the news that he is going through a divorce with his wife as a divorce has been filed earlier this year.


He made his debut to the rapping music industry with Lord Tariq. Their album “Make it Reign” was a hit and they got a great recognition for that. This album was released in 1995 and it remained in the top 10 for a brief period of time. The partnership of Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq didn’t last very long. In the year 1999, they started to drift off and broke their union. As they went on their separate ways, Peter started on his own again.

Peter had been working with some other artists and bands before he almost ended his career as a rapper in the early years of the recent century. However, time will tell if he got retired or has temporarily stopped. After that, he appeared in different TV shows making cameos. He has also appeared on a TV reality show with his ex-girlfriend and wife. His net worth is estimated to be nearly 500 thousand dollars which is not confirmed. There is no record of any awards in his name.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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