Amber Jaeger

Amber Jaeger is an American actress and an author. She is well-known for her appearance in the movies “Take Me Home” and “Loveless in Los Angeles”. She got more recognition after she got in a relationship with Sam Jaeger.

Personal Life

Amber is an American national and was born and raised in the United States. Her biography mostly contains the information related to her marital life. Although she has done work in movies and has been on screen, there is no information about her exact birthplace in the United States. Even her date of birth is unknown to this date. According to the available information, she was in college for her bachelor’s degree in the late nineties, so she must be around 40 years old.

The facts about her early childhood are also unknown. However, she attended Otterbein College so did her husband Sam Jaeger. Sam got her degree in Fine Arts in 1999 from Otterbein College. It is an interesting fact that they were not close in college. In fact, while they were in college, Amber was a married woman and while being in the junior year of college, she had welcomed her daughter from her first marriage in 1995. The name of her first daughter is Aubrey. The identity of her first husband is not known.

Amber and Sam came close after college in early 2000. They started dating after amber’s divorce. There is no exact date about the divorce with her first husband. They dated for 7 years and then decided to get married in 2007 in Logan, Ohio. The wedding ceremony was kept private. Family and close friends attended their wedding ceremony. The happy couple has 3 children together named August Jaeger, Redford Jaeger, and Calvin Jaeger. She is living a happy and committed life with her husband and children.


Amber got her degree from Otterbein College. The major of her bachelor’s degree is not known. There is no authentic news if she was in the class with her husband Sam during college, but she must have gotten her degree in Fine Arts too. She started her film career after her relationship with Sam Jaeger. She appeared in different movies over the years. The most commonly known work of hers can be seen in the movies “Solitary”, “Morrissey”, and “Take Me Home”.

She has also appeared in minor roles in various movies. Other than working in the film industry, she made her name as an author too. She wrote a total of 5 novels till now. These novels include “The Cold King”, “The Fire King”, and “Dragon King”. As she must be around 40 now, she has still a lot to look forward too.

There is no confirmed news about her upcoming projects right now. Her most recent work is the book “Dragon King” which was released in 2016. Her net worth is not known as of now. However, being a published writer and an active actress must have gotten her some fortune. There is no record of any awards.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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