Adam Carolla is a director, a podcaster, actor, television host, radio personality and a comedian. He is the host of Adam Corolla show, a talk show that it is being distributed as the podcast. Adam Carolla was given the records of having the podcast that was most downloaded according to Guinness World Records of 2011. He was the person who syndicated and also hosted the call-in program called Loveline since 1995 until 2005 and for also the incarnation of the show on MTV. He was the co-creator and a co- host for the show called The Man Show and the co-creator and a regular performer of the television show called Crank Yankers. He was the host of Adam Carolla Project, which is a home improvement television program that was aired at TLC in 2005. He was also in charge of the car show called Speed TV.

Adam Carolla was born in Los Angeles in the city of North Hollywood in California. His father is Carolla and he was psychologist and he was of Italian heritage and his mother was Kris and she was of Irish Heritage. The two got separated when he was young and he did not have any middle name. When asked he said Lakers as a joke and the name continue to appear on his documents. Adam Carolla was not given the diploma for high school since he had to pay a fine and he paid it in 2005 and it was recorded on The Adam Carolla Project TV show.

During the early years, he was playing Pop Warner Football for over seven years and later he suggested that getting involved into the sports helped him to be away of the chaotic life in his home. In December, 1981, he was named to be the first team offensive line for Central Valley League and it was one of the 8 League players at that time in the LA City Section of California Interscholastic Federation. He started to live alone when he was 18 years old while attending Los Angeles Valley College which is a community college and he was put on academic probation before he dropped out to start to work on different jobs as boxing instructor, carpenter and carpet cleaner.

Adam Carolla was the host for Too Late with Adam Carolla on the comedy Central and he started to feature on The Adam Carolla Project where he was with the crew of the old friends while renovating the childhood home. Adam Carolla had done voice acting on different cartoon including Family Guy, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and Commander Nebula. For film, he was in The Hammer and Windy City Heat. Drew Pinsky and Carolla have co-wrote a book called The Dr Drew and Adam Book: A survival Guide to Life and Love. His net worth is 15 million dollars. He can be accessed on message board on reddit.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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