Vinnie Politan used to be known as Vincent Politan in his childhood. Vinnie’s father’s name is Nicholas H. Politan. He had been a federal judge. He was born and brought up with his brother in New Jersey. His birth year is 1975 however date is not available on internet. Vinnie studied at Orange high School for his high school education. He completed his under graduation from Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. He also studied Law at Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, New Jersey. However, he is well known as a journalist but he started his work as a prosecutor following his father and also because his brother is also a lawyer.He is a multi-talented person who knows to work hard. His wife is Dolly Politan and they have three children.

Vinnie started working as a prosecutor with a supermarket company named Grand Union. He also worked in private legal sector with some firms. After few years working as an attorney he decided to pursue his interest that is journalism and he started his new career as a journalist. Firstly he started working at a local cable network in his hometown. He worked as a reporter and also as an anchor there. He also handled the management of news, legal stories etc. as his job. After working some time here, he took a job at Florida News 13 in Orlando. There he worked as an anchor, reporter, worked on live coverage, breaking news etc. He has been the host of a morning show named ‘Me and Vinnie’. However, he joined journalism but could not stop himself to be a part of court. So in year 2001, he took a job at court TV. Here he reported many murder, rape cases like Lindsey Lohan case, rape case over Kobe Bryant, Casey Anthony case, Michael Jackson murder trial, Jodi Arias, the Zacarias Moussaoui trial etc. The court TV is now known as truTV.

Vinnie also worked with HNL network and since 2014 he is with Atlanta’s local N BC affiliate WXIA: 11 Alive. Vinnie was in a relationship with Lisa Fray but this relationship did not convert into marriage. Later Vinnie married to Dolly in 2002, who is now Dolly Politan. Vinnie and his wife Dolly have three children. There is no information available about Vinnie Politan’s weight loss or surgery. His biography could be found on various internet sites. Vinnie earns good, however his actual net worth is not available. On Imdb site Vinnie Politan is mentioned as an actor and the cases he reported and shows he anchored are presented as movies he acted. Well, except that according to Wikipedia, he acted in shows ‘Twelve Angry Men’ and ‘Law & Order’.

In his school time Vinnie has been a good basketball player, in fact he was the captain. So that’s why he loves sports and especially basketball. He is a co-founder of the Ultimate Sports Association Basketball Leagues. Vinnie is of good height and quite handsome. He pursued his career so well and hope best for him upcoming years.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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