Theodora Holmes rose to fame as a result of being the wife to Troy Polamalu, a renowned sports personality. Troy, a famous NFL player, and Theodora’s husband, has for long played in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Theodora exhibits a White ethnicity and an American nationality.

Personal Life

The vast majority of Theodora Holmes’ family members are football players. As a result, she was subjected to sports, from a tender age. To some extent, this explains why she got along with the NFL player quit smoothly. But let’s not be quick to speculate. Theodora’s parents include Katina Holmes and Mike Holmes. Her father, Mike, formerly played football at the University of Michigan. During this time, he showcased an outstanding performance. On the other hand, Theodora’s brother used to formerly play for NFKL.

Based on her wiki biography, Theodora is believed to have pursued her education at the University of South California with her age being estimated to be around thirty. It was while still at college that Theodora and her then husband-to-be met. As a matter of fact, a word goes around that it was Theodora’s twin brother, Alex Holmes that introduced the two to each other oblivion to the fact that he and Troy would soon become in-laws. As the two confess, after their first encounter, they took no time before they started dating. In 2003, they moved to Pittsburgh where they made their settlement. In 2004, they got engaged, and in 2005 they tied the knot.

Theodora Holmes is of Greek origin, and as a result, they preferred conducting their marriage in line with the religious customs stipulated by the Greek Orthodox. Later on, after their marriage ceremony, Troy became a Greek Orthodox convert – an aspect that cemented the bond the couple share with each other. The bond was further strengthened by the coming of their two children into their lives; their two sons go by the names Ephraim and Paisios with the first son being born on October 31, 2008, and the second being born on September 16, 2010.

As a couple, Theodore and Troy have actively engaged themselves in charity events including the Harry Panos Fund, FOCUS North America, etc. During the periods when the season is on, the couple lives in Pittsburgh; however, in the offseason, they often relocate to San Diego, where they live comfortably.


The career credits of Theodora Holmes are slightly overshadowed by her husband’s. Although she has football in her inmost being, her husband is a renowned, retired NFL player. His football career dates back to the time he was at the University of Southern California. Also, apart from being an elementary member in the championship team of the Steelers’ Super Bowl, he has as well earned the esteemed All-American honors. Obviously, Theodora’s net worth is way below that of Troy; his accumulated net worth ever since he undertook football professionally sums up to $30 million. Therefore, with his remaining endeavors and endorsements, he is set to earn even more in the coming days.