Theresa Elisabeth Polo, more renowned as simply Teri Polo, was born on 1st June in the year 1969. She drew the first breath in Dover, Delaware, where she born in the family of Vincent Polo and Jane Polo. Her parents worked as a designer of stereo systems and a homemaker respectively. When the future actress turned 5, she started studying ballet, which she had been studying until she turned 18.


At the age of 13, Teri Polo studied at the School of American Ballet, located in New York City.

Career Experience

Her acting career began after she won a contest of models and decided to move to New York City in order to go for the career of an actress. Her debut in acting happened thanks to her role in “TV 101”, an American drama series broadcasted by the CBS. In 1990, the actress got a role of Christine Daee in “The Phantom of the Opera” miniseries. At the same time, she began to appear in various movies and TV shows. Teri Polo was a cast member at the “Northern Exposure”, an American TV series. Moreover, she got a role of the detective in the “Brimstone” TV series.

Over time, she got a really high number in movie and TV series credits. In 2005, Teri Polo appeared on the cover of one of the issues of Playboy, where she posed nude. It happened due to the oncoming release of the “Meet the Fockers” (2004), a comedy movie, and the text in the magazine was like the following: “She is one hot Focker.” Thereafter, a number of magazines included Teri Polo in the ratings of the 100 hottest women. Meanwhile, her career had progressed since she played roles in such movies and TV series like “Love Is A Four Letter Word” (2007), “The Beacon” (2009), and “2:13” (2009). She has appeared in a huge number of shows that include “Criminal Minds”, “Castle”, “Medium”, “Ghost Whisperer”, “Frasier”, “Chicago Hope”, “Felicity”, “The Practice”, and many others. She has been consistently actively engaged in the acting career, and she plays roles in several movies and TV films up to now.

However, despite her impressive film credits, her net worth is believed to -$800 thousand. The actress filed for bankruptcy in the spring in the year 2014, when she declared assets worth around $50,000 and debts worth $800,000.

Personal life

In 1997, she married Anthony Moore, a photographer. However, the couple decided to divorce in 2005. After her separation from the husband, she started to date Jamie Wollam. However, the couple broke up in 2012. The actress has two children: a son, named Griffin (who was born in 2002), from the first marriage and a daughter, named Bayley (who was born in 2007), from her relationship with Jamie Wollam.

Teri Polo is very active on Twitter, where she has over 110 thousand followers.


Teri Polo can brag about really impressive film credits. In particular, she has appeared in over 55 TV series and TV shows and more than 25 movies. Recently, she starred in such movies like “Authors Anonymous” (2014), “A Bit of Bad Luck” (2014), “Mr Maple Leaf” (2014), “Blood Shy” (2015), “Outlaws and Angels” (2016), and “JL Ranch” (2016).

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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