Sylwia Klose

Sylwia Klose is one of the prominent names in the football world. She is a very talented footballer. She has earned fame and popularity due to her excellence in the field of football. She has played for several popular teams, which has earned her great recognitions among the people.

Sylwia Klose was born in the 1980 in Poland. She has never shared her exact birth date with the media so we could not find any information about it in her biography. She holds a Polish nationality and is the second daughter of her German parents. Her father was a football coach and her mother was a basketball champion. From early childhood, she was passionate towards football.

While her sister had a great interest towards the glamour industry, she was of tomboy nature. She only loved sports and games and had no interest in glamour. Though this disgusted her mother a lot, it actually made her father happy. He always wanted to make him son a footballer but as two of his children were daughters he thought that he could never fulfill his dream. So when he saw the growing passion of her daughter towards football, he rejoiced. He started training her daughter from the age of seven years only.

Sylwia learnt all the initial methods of football from her father. It did not even take her much time to learn the techniques of football. She soon became an expert in football. She even joined the football team of her school to play football. After attending some football matches from her school, she was made the captain of her school team.

Slywia performed so well in the tournaments that the coach got very impressed by it. Her only goal was to play for the German football team. She played a long time for her school till she graduated from the school. She was regarded as the champion of her school as most of the trophies brought for her school were by her. She was very popular in her school due to her football skills.

Slywia has also appeared on the state level matches because of her talent. When she was in her high school, she played a test match for her admission in the German football team. When she got selected in the team, it was a dream come true for her. This was the first time when she actually felt proud to be a footballer.

Slywia has delivered great performance for the time since then. She has devoted all the dreams of her career as a football player to this team. She plays as a midfielder for the team and has scored record goals. Coming to her personal life, she is married. She has dated her husband for quite a few years before tying the knot. She never had any boyfriend till she fell in love with her present husband. Slywia is also very social as a person and shares her life on the social media with her followers.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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