Susan Delise Williams is famous for her marriage with to Juan Williams. Juan is a journalist and contributor at Fox News.


Susan is assumed to be around 60 years of age. Her exact date of birth is not known to the media because she is a private person that likes to keep the details of her life under wraps. The only thing that has been confirmed about her background is that she is the daughter of a doctor.

She has not talked about her early life and it is assumed that she had a normal childhood. If something major happened during her upbringing, Juan or her would have brought it up. Having interesting stories to share is very vital in the media industry that they are a part of. Having a dramatic story about Susan’s childhood would be able to get them positive attention. The fact that there is no story available is a sign that Susan grew up in a relatively normal and tame lifestyle.

Married Life with a Fox News Anchor

Susan married Juan Williams in 1978. They have been together for over four decades without any rumors of separation or other major issues or problems. They got married two years after Juan graduated from college. Susan and Juan were college sweethearts. They both attended Haverford College where they fell in love. He was not in the public eye or a famous figure when their marriage took place.

She has three wonderful children with Juan. One of her sons was working as a Senate page and then as an intern. Her other son was an anthropology student. Both her sons are involved in politics. The details about her daughter are also not known to the media. There is speculation that their daughter does not agree with the family’s values or that she just wants to have a private life unlike the rest of her family member. Susan is a proud grandmother to two girls. She is proud that she raised her son to be capable enough of starting his own family and providing her with a second generation that she could give wisdom to.

Questioning The Role of Race at Fox News and NPR

Susan has talked a lot about inequality of blacks at NPR parties in contrast to Fox News parties. She told Newsmax about the bad treatment she received at NPR, “The “so-called liberals” at NPR treated me, a light-skinned African-American as if I didn’t exist. The NPR people were hypocrites because they are supposed to be the liberals who are accepting of all kinds of people and inclusive, and they were the most exclusive group in my experience of going to events related to work that I have ever seen,”


A big surprise is that Fox News treated her better since they are usually painted in a negative light when it comes to their opinions of minorities, “Even though politically I’m on the other side, the Fox people, included me much more in the interactions and in the gatherings, and I never felt like I was on the outside. The Fox gatherings are much diverse. They have both African-American and whites. It’s great because when I sometimes go down to Fox and wait for Juan in the green room, they all speak to me as if they know me and are very friendly. I feel very comfortable there. With the NPR people, I did not feel comfortable. I would never drop into NPR, or if I was going over to meet Juan, I sat in the car and waited for him.”

She claimed that Fox News never told her husband what he could or could not say. It was a different approach than NPR who would often criticize Juan when he expressed views that were in contrast from what they thought a black man should think. Susan said that her friends were confused that she and Juan would support Fox News because they are not seen as an ally of black people. She said she would try to convince them otherwise and ask them to give other programs at Fox News a chance so that they could say that it was actually diverse in reality.

Secretive and Private Family

Susan is very closed off to the media. She will give her talking points on some issues but she avoids talking in detail about herself. She talks about the inequality of blacks in many interviews but she never talks about her personal life and about her childhood. Complete details about her parents and siblings are not known to the media. It is not known whether or not she was married or divorced when she met Juan. She is not known to be involved in any extramarital affair during her marriage with Juan. Her past boyfriends are not known to the media. Juan was also not involved in any extra marital relationships. It was also his first marriage when he got married to Susan.

She never talked about how she met Juan and how long they dated before getting married. Her engagement was not announced to the public. There are no details available about Juan’s dating life before he married Susan. She and Juan are assumed to be living a happy life since there are no rumors about separation. Juan does not often talk about his wife and his relationship with her. Susan also does not talk a lot about their marital life but she will occasionally offer her opinions when asked. Though both her sons are active in politics, they do not mention their parents much when giving interviews.

The family seems to following Susan’s lead in being tight lipped about their personal details. Susan’s education details are not known to media. She has never talked about her education credentials in any interview. Susan was a social worker for a long time but she recently retired. It is not known whether or not she has plans for starting a business or venture in the future since Juan is able to bring in a reasonable income for the family.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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