Jared Glimore is considered as the one of the best young television artists in the current generation and is well known for his brilliant performance in one of the popular television series.

Personal life

Jared Glimore was born in the year 2000 in the month of May in California which is situated in United States. From childhood only, he had an interest towards acting and used to imitate the various roles he used to see on television. So his parents put him into a school to train him as an actor known as Robert Powers, located in San Diego. He attended school for two years and left it to try for some auditions. Jared worked a lot and practised his skills till he finally got an opportunity from a modelling agency for a T-shirt advertisement.

Alongside, he also got the opportunity of commercial acting which helped him to learn many new things which proved to be quite beneficial for his career. Gilmore's twin sister is also into the same profession and was approached prior to him, which made him suffer a bit complex situation, regarding his own skills. But he never lost the hope neither did he even allow the complexity to interfere or ruin the relationship of the siblings. He was quite a matured person from early childhood and knew how to handle delicate situations.

He revised his skills along with his studies and modelling works and never distracted himself from the goal which is the main reason for him to get the chance of performing in the roles of Bobby Draper in Mad Men and also as Henry Mills in Once Upon a Time. He has just started his career and has achieved great fame till now but the exact net worth in his career cannot be estimated.


Glimore started his career in the year 2009 when he got the golden opportunity in his profession to start his career as Bobby Draper in the famous television series Mad Men. His role attracted a lot of people's attention and became very famous and almost the talk of the town. After gaining much popularity, he left the Mad Men production and joined Once Upon a Time where he was offered the role of Henry Mills. There were various scenes and episodes which included him and thus he got the chance to showcase his skills and talents. His work was appreciated by the directors and as well as by famous critics.

His number of followers also increased on various social networking sites through his best performances. The spell of his talents did not remain into the circle but also spread worldwide and he got the nomination for the best leading performance actor in a TV series. He finally won the award as the best leading actor in a TV series and also a second award in the next year at the 34th Young Artist Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series which proved to be life-changing.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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