Wayne Carini is an American car restorer. He has earned a roaring 20 million net worth by buying, restoring and selling exotic cars. He is also famous for his TV documentary, Chasing Classic Cars.

Personal life

Wayne talks about his father a lot. His father was also a car restorer. When he was a little boy, he used to stay with his father and watch him work on rare models. Wayne is married for more than 24 years. He has two daughters and he lives in Connecticut in a log house that he built himself. According to his latest interview, his first daughter was in the verge of getting married.

His childhood details are not known in particular. His date of birth is not known to the media. He never talked about his mother in any interview. His wife’s name is also not known to the media either. A few sites mention his wife’s name as Laurie but, he hasn’t used any name in any of the interviews that he gave. There are no rumors of divorce in his life and it is assumed that he and his wife are living in harmony. He is not active on social media sites. His Twitter account has thousands of followers because of his show. He never shared any picture of his family, till date. He has managed to keep his family out of media’s range. His youngest daughter was diagnosed as an autistic child at an early stage and he has donated a lot to charity for awareness of autism and treatment of autism.

His romantic interests before getting married are not known to media. He never talked about how he met his wife and when he got married. He never shared his struggle with his daughter’s autism in any interview. He was never married, before meeting his wife. None has ever come up to the media to talk about Wayne’s past life. Thus, there is very little chance that we may learn about his previous girlfriends and relationships with his parents, in near future. His wife and his daughters are inert to media. He never shared any intimate detail about his family life in any interview.


He started his career as a car restorer; taking up his father’s business after him. Today he owns three companies namely, CariniCarozzeria, Continental Auto Ltd, F40 Motorsport. In 2008, he started a small one-hour documentary about buying, restoring and auctioning exotic and rare car models. It drew so much attention that in 2015, the show had its 8th season. In 2008, he wrote to New York Times that he found a car that he loved when he was 16 and bought the same car when he was 52 years. This story sounded very interesting to Jim Astroski. Jim is the chief of Essex TV Groups and he gave the show for Wayne. He has also appeared in a few Discovery Channel shows like Monterey Week and, World’s Most Expensive Cars. His career milestones and future projects are not known to media. After 2015, his show was cancelled. It is not known whether or not he is planning on starting a new show in near future.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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