Steve Lund was born on January 9, 1989 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Steve is mostly known for his role as Nick Sorrentino in the TV series Bitten.

Childhood Spark

He started to develop an itch perform when he was in elementary school production of The Lion King. During his childhood, The Lion King was a hit Disney cartoon for multiple reasons. The songs in the movie were played on the radio for months. People loved to sing along with the catchy and positive tunes. The characters in the cartoon were so popular that even to this day, people still remember their names. The film was considered to be part of Disney’s golden era where each movie they released was a huge hit. The biggest reason for the movie’s success was its message. A young king lost his throne to an evil uncle and wanted to give up but through determination and the help with his friends, he was able to overcome his uncle and take bake the throne that he was stolen from his slain father.

Adults understood the tragic storyline but what captivated children was the use of African animals as the characters in the film. Using cute animals like lions, warthogs, and baboons was a good strategy to capture the attention of kids like Steve. When he got to participate in his elementary school’s play of The Lion King, he was beyond excited. Not only did he get to replicate one of his favorite movies, he also got experience doing something that would eventually become his career and passion.

Career Start

When it came time for Steve to attend college, he had no hesitation in choosing the school he wanted to attend. He enrolled in the Vancouver Film School. His time at the school was invaluable because he got to learn things about the craft that was foreign to him as a spectator. He was taught about various acting styles. One of his teachers taught him about the Russian style of acting. Before 1933, actors had always played to the crowd when they were on stage. They projected to the crowd like one would do when giving a speech. In 1933, there was a play in Russia that would change the acting industry forever. The play opened with the actors turning their backs to the audience. The actors drank tea and spoke but did not acknowledge the theater audience. This was the first time realism was introduced to acting. It blew away people’s minds because it allowed them to get more immersed into the story. This was a lesson that Steve would take into his work as an actor.

After finishing school, Steve deiced to move to Toronto in seek of acting roles. The project he starred in for the first time was when he played Stewart in the Yukonic! web series. It was about two friends who were exploring the Yukon in Canada where they were looking for gold so that they could fund their new film project. Steve had acted in short films prior to this but Yukonic! Gave him his first real experience in a full production.

After his first big break, Steve went on to appear in multiple projects. Notably, he appeared in the third season of Haven when he played a character named James Cogan. He was also a guest star on shows like Lost Girl, Suits, Being Erica, Alphas, Defiance, Hemlock Grove, Beauty and The Beast and Nikita.


Rise to Fame and Sexuality

Steve became well known because of his role as Nick Sorrentino in TV series Bitten. The show was popular among fans because it involved werewolves and the supernatural. The lead character, Elena was trying to leave her pack of werewolves to lead a normal life as a photographer. But when her pack needed her help, she was pulled back into the world of werewolves. They needed her assistance because she was the only living female werewolf.

Steve plays a bisexual man on the show which has raised questions about his actual sexuality. He has never been spotted with a woman or man in public. Many women and gay men fell in love with his character so they were curious to find out what his sexuality was in real life. When he was asked about his sexuality, he dodged the question and instead spoke about the book’s adaption and how it would relate to the on screen adaption, “They’re adaptations. They’re not going to be word for word. It’s created for an entirely different deal. So far, the support has been great and the feedback that we’re getting has been overwhelmingly supportive, so we’re very pleased with that.”

There was much speculation about his possible homosexuality when there was a picture of him hugging another man named Jeff Jones online. They were in a close embrace with their crotches touching each other. It was an embrace that a straight man would not be involved in unless he was playing a joke. To add to the speculation, Steve’s caption for the photo was “I do” which could be interpreted as a playful joke alluding to the marriage of two men or it was a serious caption that could describe his commitment to a boyfriend.

In the comments section of his Instagram, many fans asked him what the meaning of the photo was but Steven refused to confirm or deny the meaning. It is speculated that he actually gay but does not want to reveal his sexuality because he wants to remain a mystery. He feels it is more advantageous for his career if he is ambiguous for his sexuality. Not only will he be able to land parts for straight men and homosexual men but he will also land roles as a bisexual man.

Steve s also very close to his mother and often shares pictures of her. He prefers that fans focus on the loving pictures he shares of his mother and family instead of wondering about his sexuality. He feels that it doesn’t matter and shouldn’t dictate how people feel about him.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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