Steve Eisman was born in the year 1962 and he is money manager who is well known for having securitized subprime home mortgage. Eisman grew up in the city of New York and he went to Yeshiva Schools. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and graduated magna cum laude in the year 1984. He graduated in Harvard Law School when he got honors.

FrontPoint partners: Eisman got to fame through betting against the subprime mortgage of Greenwich. It is a Connecticut-Based LLC and FrontPoint Partners; it is a unit of Morgan Stanley. In 2010, he was managing over US 1 billion dollars at FrontPoint and got prominence when he was profiled in the book called The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine of Michael Lewis. In the film called The Big Short, the adaptation to the book, his name got changed and Mark Baum was used instead. The role was played by Steve Carell, an Oscar-nominated actor. Steve Eisman left FrontPoint Partners in the year 2011, when many investors were withdrawing and this was because there was allegation about Joseph F Chip Skowron trading insider information.

From his, biography, during the year 2012, Steve Eisman founded the Emrys Partners and started with 23 million as seed capital. In 2014, he said that he was closing down this fund and he was explaining his decision that he based himself by looking solely on fundamental of the individual companies and it is not viable in the investment philosophy. The fund was controlling more than 185 million dollars in the assets during the time of such dissolution. Fund was performing poorly in the year 2012, he returned 3.6 percent and it was underperforming at the market. However, it was better in the year 2013, and it returned 10.8 percent but it was underperforming at the market.

Steve Eisman got married to Valerie Feigen from 1989 and she was included in The Big short with Cynthia and she was played by Marisa Tomei. Steve Eisman an opponent against for-profit institutions for high education. This happened during the speech called Subprime Goes to College and it was in Ira Sohn Conference. He was condemning the companies that run the private colleges and he was linking them to some seamy mortgage brokers.

Steve Eisman has rejoined his parents at Neuberger Berman Post hedge fund. He has also his own hedge fund. The net worth of Steve Eisman is hard to know but it is considered to be in multi million. The bet against Wall Street made him to reach up to 1.5 billion and it decreased to be less to 750 million dollars in 2011. Even if he continues to work in financial industry, his experience in betting against market had made him to be disenchanted with big bank. Steve Eisman is not the same as Attorney Steven J Eisman who died when he was 61 years.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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