Stephanie Ruhle was born on December 24, 1975 in Park Ridge, New Jersey, where she grew up. There is no any details about her early childhood and family. After high school, she enrolled in the Lehigh University. In the 1997 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in international business. Afterwards, she continued her education and studied in different countries like Guatemala, Italy, and Kenya.

She started her career way in the late 90s. At first she joined Credit Suisse, where she worked about six years. She was on the good position and worked in the hedge fund sales, later she also was promoted to the vice president post. She became a very successful lady, but in the 2003 she decided to change her work place and joined to the Deutsche Bank, where she worked as a credit salesperson for covering hedge funds. T was the time of great experience and she worked there for eight years in line and during these years she even becomes a managing director of the Global Markets Senior Relationship Management.

In the 2011 Stephanie joined Bloomberg Television, here she was a co-host for TV program “Inside Track” along with Erik Schatzker. The next year Stephanie and Schatzker were involved in another project, which was titled “Market Makers” and was a two-hour late morning TV show. She also was involved in the “Bloomberg GO” TV program.

In the 2012 she told about London Whale and JPMorgan Chase trading loss. Working at the Bloomberg Television Stephanie was a managing editor, as well as an editor-at-large for one of the main projects “Bloomberg News”. She interviewed a Martha Stuart in the 2013 and presidential candidate Donald Trump in the 2015. She was a part of few controversies, like the cases with a provocative response to Paul Tudor Jones or some profiles during her last years.

She also is a founder of the Global Market Women’s Network, which has a goal to overcome discrimination and help to every woman to get uplifted from the age old norms of the society and finally move into the leadership roles at the company. In addition to her brilliant TV career, she is a columnist for the site -

She also founded the Corporate Investment Bank Women's Network. He is known as a feminist and a supporter of women’s rights. In the past Stephanie was a member of the iMentor Corporate Advisory Board. In addition, she is also a current member of the group “Hundred Women in Hedge Funds”, which is a corporate council of The White House Project and also The Women’s Bond Club.

She is married to Andy Hubbard. Her husband is a businessman. They are welcomed three children together. Currently, she resides in Manhattan. She has maintained to keep her profile very low so there is no any more information found relating to her personal life. She is available in the social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram where she shares her funny pictures and her updates. Her net worth and salary is still under evaluation.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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