Sonni Pacheco is an actress who played in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love and also Wingman. She was married to Jeremy Renner. They got married in 2014 and they divorced in 2015. She gave birth to their first child called Ava Berlin Renner when she was 25 years old. It was time that her now ex-husband was still her boyfriend. When they got married, they announced their wedding at Capitol file at They met when they were on scene and they came to know each other when they were on Mission: Impossible, Ghost Protocol. Jeremy was a co-star of Tom Cruise while Sonni played as stand-in.

According to her biography, she is Canadian and was a model. She worked as a model of lingerie as it has been reported by Huffington Post and she is a spokeswoman of Monster Energy drinks. They have 20 years as age difference. When Jeremy was 43, she was 23. Before their daughter was born, they had already broken up, but after her birth, she moved in with Jeremy and rekindled their love and wedded in just one year.

However, in just one year of marriage, Sonni Pacheco filed a divorce against her husband. She is ready to move on after her split and the settlement of the divorce in the court. She had her hair turned blonde at Meche Salon of Beverly Hills, she was brunette before. Her ex-husband is asked to pay 13 thousand as a child support. However, Jeremy does not have to pay for the spousal support according to their pre-nuptial agreement. His net worth is counted to be 35 million dollars. The two will share Ava’s Custody. When Sonni was divorcing, she asked for spousal and children support together with the custody of Ava.

Sonni Pacheco is seeking for the custody of her daughter because she says that Jeremy’s house is not safe for their daughter because of his pool and the gun collection. She says that the gun had not been stored in the proper way and the pool has not been fenced. However, according to available documents, when they were living there, the pool was protected while all weapons well locked well.

Sonni Pacheco does not have a Wikipedia page but her ex-husband has. Jeremy was born in the year 1971 and he is American singer and actor. He appeared mostly in the independent films like Neo Ned and Dahmer. He did also appear in supporting role for bigger films like 28 Weeks later and on S.W.A.T. He had a performance that was much praised at The Town and this is the role for which he received an Academy Award nomination to be the best Supporting actor. He acted in The Hurt Locker and he received a nomination of being the best actor for Academy Award. He was born in California and his pictures are easily attainable online.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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