Simone Cruickshank

Simone Cruickshank is a daughter of Geraldo Rivera, well known as Jerry. Her mother is C.C Dyer and her wedding to Jerry was in 1989, however, they had a huge conflict and too much controversy and the two decided to separate in the year 2000. They did not say anything about why they separated and there is a big question mark from the public.

Simone Cruickshank was born in 1994. She has a perfect figure, body structure and height. She is the favorite girl of his father. During the terror attack of Paris, Jerry said that she was nearly swallowed. She was at Stade De France with her friends while having fun watching the soccer match when the explosions ran across. She said that it was the most dangerous situation she was in but she was able to escape. Since she likes to travel, this was the fifth time she was visiting France.

Simone Cruickshank started to live on her own when she was still young and after the divorce of her parents, she worked hard to achieve to her goals and she became sincere towards her studies. She started to live her life away of the media. She is most loved by her father and she follows all his decision.

According to her biography, Simone Cruickshank never lacked anything while growing up but she wished that her father and mother would have continued to live together and had a happy family. This is what she lacks most and she wishes for. When she is free, she enjoys to watch movies or to stay with some of her siblings. She likes to cook and she makes delicious meals for her brother and father. She has taken part in a beauty pageant and she says that it is one of her big achievement in her life. She has a good voice and likes to sing but she is not in any band or had never made any album.

Simone Cruickshank’s father Geraldo Rivera; was born in 1943 and he is 73 years old. He is 5feet with 9 inches. He is an author, reporter and an attorney. He is the host of Geraldo Rivera Reports at Fox News Channel. He is the son, to Cruz Allen Rivera who was restaurant worker and Lillian who was a waitress. He has B.S degree in the business administration of University of Arizona. In the year 1970, he joined the WABC-TV when he was a reporter of Eyewitness News.

He made the appearance at ABC National program like Nightline and 20/20. He worked also like a correspondent of Good Morning America of ABC. He completed 14th season of The Celebrity Apprentice. He had married five times and he had divorced four times. In between his marriage, he had been in relationship with other celebrities. His net worth is 15 million dollars. Simone Cruickshank’s twitter account is @sscruickshank.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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