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Sergio Di was born on 20th September 1972. He is an actor from Ontario, Canada. He stars in the television series. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He is aged around 45 years. His star sign is Virgo. He is probably single and is rumored to be a gay. He has no wife or any girlfriend. He and his siblings were brought up in Toronto. He is known for working in TV shows and movies. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He shares that he used to go hiking with his family when he was young. He shares that he used to act since he was 6 years in his backyard. He has acted since about 19 years now. He had appeared over 30 movies and TV shows. He has a successful Hollywood career.


Sergio Di Zio received the Canadian Screen Nomination (2013). He appeared in telepic, The Wall. He was a part of the telepic, Major Crime. He came forth in the telepic, Freak City. He is seen in the movie The Walk in 2005. His appearance was in series Investigation Discovery. He had a supporting role as a young reporter in Cinderella Man, sport-drama, in which he was a boxer in 2005. He voiced for the animated series Stoked. He voiced Tersh of Babar and the adventures of Badou, an animated series. He was the voice performer of an animated show called Grojband on cartoon network which concluded in 2015.

He starred in the series named Flashpoint (2012). He was a part of it for 38 years. It has received 11 nominations. Let's talk more about his most popular Flashpoint, a drama series. It is inspired by actual emergency task force of Toronto. It started in 2008 and concluded in 2011. It's a police drama chronicles. He owns 1 award plus 4 nominations. The Lookout, thriller-drama was able to win the Independent Spirit Award. He has voiced for video games.

He came forth in action role in The Boondock Saints. He kick started from the film National Lampoon's Senior Trip in 1995. He received Dora Award nomination in 2006 for a stage debut named Leo. In 2011, Gemini was awarded for the best performance by an Actor in a role for Flashpoint. He is known for the role of Mike Scarletti on Flashpoint.

In 2015, Dora Mavor Moore award for best male performance (theatre).  His graceful and beauteous voice is praised in his works. His successful works include The Lookout, Flashpoint series. His works from TV series - This is Wonderland, Northern Town. He was a part of the show Wayside. He was a performer in the movie Anything but Christmas, Rupture, Freak City, Kiss & Cry. He has earned a Net worth of around $3 million. He was a part of The Walk, thriller-drama, in which he was a French street performer. He was a part of the film 'The Boondock Saints', crime film-thriller.

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